6 Tips to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

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As a dog parent, it is important to care for their teeth to keep them healthy and clean. It’s not just about appearance or bad breath, bad teeth can rot, gum problems, and severe mouth diseases. Cleaning their teeth regularly will also help you spot any issues early on. These tips should help you to know just how to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean for a long time!

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

1. Brush Their Teeth

It is important for all dog parents to get into the regular habit of brushing their dog’s teeth. It may not be pleasant or glamorous, but it will definitely pay off in the end. Doing this often will get your dog used to having their teeth brushed and it will become easier over time so that you can do a more thorough job. You can do this with a doggy toothbrush and dog toothpaste, or you can use coconut oil as a budget-friendly option. If the toothbrush doesn’t seem to cut it, you could also use a rag to maneuver your finger around your dog’s mouth. Whatever works best and helps your dog to feel most comfortable will work.

2. Try Dental Wipes

If your dog has a strong aversion to having their teeth brushed, you could also try doggy dental wipes. These handy little contraptions are designed to be easy to use and just as effective as a toothbrush, if not more so. Many are designed to fit on one finger so that you can easily clean your dog’s teeth with no extra fuss or hassle.

This is the perfect option for dogs with smaller mouths and dogs that don’t hold up to brushing very well.

Source: Pilot Knob Animal Hospital/YouTube

3. Give Them Dental Treats

There are all kinds of dental treats that can help your dog’s teeth stay fresh and clean. Many of these treats are two in one and can help with their bad breath as well. Dental treats are often designed to be chewy, which can help to scrub off built-up plaque. They are also made with teeth-friendly ingredients designed to fight bacteria and plaque. However, they can sometimes be expensive. You may want to experiment in order to find an affordable brand that still works.

4. Give Them Something to Chew On

One of the best ways to keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top shape is to give your dog plenty of things to chew on. This is effective because the chewing motion helps clean plaque off their teeth, leaving them cleaner and stronger. Plaque is the real enemy here as it can build up and cause tooth decay and gum issues. Giving them things like chewy bones and chew toys is the perfect way to clean their teeth without actually doing anything. It’s a treat for them, but it’s also good for them and will help their mouths be healthier and cleaner. Just be careful and make sure you get the correct sized toys and are nearby when they are chewing on bones or treats. These types of things can be serious choking hazards if you aren’t careful.

5. Give Them the Right Kind of Food

Your dog’s food is also a good way to control plaque and keep their teeth cleaner. Buying the correct size dry food is a great way to do this as they should really chew through their food as they eat it. If they just swallow it whole, it’s probably too small. You also want to stay away from soft food because this doesn’t require chewing at all. Certain types of soft food can also work against your dog’s teeth.

Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of food you are buying. Healthy teeth go a lot deeper than just the surface. For a very healthy mouth, your dog should be eating a high-quality diet that isn’t full of grains or other fillers. Truly nourishing food will greatly help your dog’s teeth to stay strong and healthy.

Source: Pure Pet Food/YouTube

6. Get Professional Help

If your dog is older and you haven’t kept up on their teeth, you may need to take them to their vet to get them professionally cleaned. This could also apply to certain dog breeds that tend to have bad teeth. Sometimes you can take very good care of them, but they still become dirty and need professional cleaning. This is not an ideal option as it requires that your dog be sedated, which should be avoided unless in a case of emergency. It is also very pricey. It would be considerably cheaper to invest in high-quality products to keep your dog’s smile clean!

If your dog’s mouth has gotten out of hand, it is important to address it. If left untreated, plaque can cause all kinds of havoc, so it’s best to get that taken care of soon.

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