A well versed and easy skincare routine for people with acne prone skin

Jennifer E. Engen

If you have oily and acne prone skin, I am sure you must be afraid to apply any product on your face. However, the trick to acing the skincare game is learning how to layer correctly and using the right products. Once you use the right products, you will see results in no time. Here we have all the best products for acne prone skin and an easy skincare routine. 


1. Apply an acne healing patch 

Clean your face first with a gentle face wash. Peel the patch from the sheet and cover the active acne with the patch. Wait for 8 hours or until the patch turns white. Remove it slowly and discard. 

Nua Acne Healing Patch 

This patch is made of 100 percent hydrocolloid that visibly flattens acne in 8 hours. It’s waterproof and transparent and is barely noticeable on the face. It doesn’t just control and prevent acne but also boosts your long term skin health. It treats active acne super fast, absorbs pus and impurities, prevents scarring and leaves you with clearer looking skin within hours. 

Price: Rs.359

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Quench Botanics Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches

These small, circular hydrocolloid adhesive patches heal and conceal acne and calm inflammation. The oil absorbing formula targets acne-causing bacteria and removes impurities from skin. Super star ingredients such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid gently exfoliate, unclog pores and soothe any redness. It is enriched with skin healing ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, Korean ginseng, cica and lotus root extracts. 


Price: Rs.284

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2. Wash your face with an anti-acne cleanser 

In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. 

Nua Pore Cleansing Face Wash 

This face wash has a well-balanced scientific formula that removes all the excess oil and impurities from your face and pores without making your skin dry. It doesn’t just control and prevent acne but also boosts your long term skin health. It removes excess oil, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, maintains hydration and balances the skin microbiome. 


Price: Rs.313

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The Derma Co 1% Salicylic Acid Gel Face Wash 

The 1% Salicylic Acid Gel Face Wash penetrates deep into the skin, dissolves the skin debris that clogs pores, and eliminates acne-causing bacteria. The concentration of salicylic acid in this gel face wash makes it extremely lightweight and easy to absorb. Salicylic Acid also has anti-inflammatory properties that play an important role in fading away red-inflamed pimples. Oily skin is one of the main reasons for blemishes because it clogs pores and prevents the natural skin-shedding cycle from occurring. Moreover, excess oil on the skin’s surface attracts acne-causing bacteria and irritants responsible for further inflaming the skin. This gel face wash reduces the oil levels of the skin by suppressing sebocytes from producing excess oil.


Price: Rs.253

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3. Use an anti-acne serum 

Serums are super-concentrated, nutrient-dense treatments that address specific concerns, so you must keep them as close to the skin as possible. Once you have washed your face, you must apply a suitable serum. 

The Derma Co 2% Salicylic Acid Face Serum 

This serum is intensely exfoliating and controls excess sebum in the pores. It acts as a potent ingredient to reduce existing pimples and acne, as well as prevent further breakouts. The anti-inflammatory and oil-soluble properties of salicylic acid allows it to penetrate deep within the pores to unclog them. It clears out the pores by detaching the dead skin cells and other debris from within the pores, allowing the skin to get clearer over time. It also contains witch hazel that exfoliates the pores’ walls to prevent the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. With no more debris and sebum inside the pores, it eventually stops the formation of acne.


Price: Rs.423

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Nourish Mantra Acne Clarifying Serum 

This serum is enriched with thyme that works wonders for oily and acne prone skin, and reduces the appearance of breakouts, cinnamon bark extract that protects the skin from free radical damage and zinc that has antibacterial properties to control acne and reduce sebum secretion in oily skin. This serum improves overall skin texture, balances oil production, prevents acne marks and blemishes. 


Price: Rs.1400

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4. End it with a moisturiser 

Yes, everyone needs a moisturiser, even if you have oily skin. 

Derma Essentia Anti Acne Gel 

This gel is crafted to visibly reduce acne and acne scars, regulate sebum production, prevent future breakouts and soothe and relieve irritated skin. This lightweight gel is infused with the goodness of centella asiatica extracts, red onion extract and salicylic acid. 


Price: Rs.575

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Nua Oil-Free Gel Moisturiser 

This gel moisturiser has a well-balanced scientific formula that hydrates, calms and strengthens your skin barrier to prevent future breakouts. It doesn’t just control and prevent acne but also boosts your long term skin health. It balances oil and sebum production, builds your skin barrier, calms inflammation and maintains overall skin health. 


Price: Rs.359

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