Back-breaking pain after Omicron recovery? Doctor explains reasons

Jennifer E. Engen

The spread of covid which started in early 2020 still continues not only in India but across the globe. When things look normal, then suddenly a new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, emerges and starts wreaking more havoc than expected. While the Delta variant was one of the sole reasons behind the second wave in India, it is believed that seeing the spike in cases that Omicron, may be behind the possible third wave in the country. 

Although doctors and researchers have claimed that Omicron symptoms are mild and less severe than the Delta variant, many recovered patients are now complaining about body pain and lethargy.

Dr Harish Chafle, Senior Consultant – Pulmonology and Critical Care at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai explains back-breaking pain causes while recovering from Omicron

What causes this post-recovery pain?

It’s a well-known fact that myalgias are commonly seen in viral infections. Covid is not an exception but we are seeing more cases of back pain with Omicron even after recovery which patients label as weakness. However, since data on Omicron is limited and gene sequencing is costly, the reason is “difficult to explain” However it is a possibility that due to inflammatory mediators this variant is causing more myalgia than any other variant post-recovery. Another reason for this can be the fact that this variant is affecting the musculoskeletal system more than any other variant before.

What’s the course of treatment?

Once recovered from the virus, points should continue taking all precautionary measures, as advised like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Having said that, if you’ve just recovered from the disease, do not exert your body too much to prevent post-recovery myalgia from causing too much discomfort. Give yourself time to heal fully. Rest is extremely crucial and if you’re a fitness enthusiast, do not start off with heavy workouts. Rather take it one step at a time. Post-COVID syndrome is real and it is important that pts should pay heed to recover the body.

Continue hydrating enough as the body needs a lot of fluids during the recovery phase. If myalgia is too much then basic anti-inflammatory or pain killer medicines advised by your treating physician can be taken. But for a duration of 3 to 5 days and not more than that. Doing regular stretching exercises at home will help relieve backache in the post-recovery period. Also, one should check serum Vitamin D3 levels and replace them if found deficient. As low vitamin D3 is a common reason for myalgia.

Just the country battles with the rising number of Covid-19 cases, Omicron, the highly transmissible variant is further going up. The Union Health Ministry data updated on Wednesday stated that India added 1,94,720 new coronavirus infections taking the total tally of Covid-19 cases to 3,60,70,510 which includes 4,868 cases of the Omicron variant.



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