Benefits Of Kumkumadi Oil For Skin, From Treating Acne To Skin Brightening

Jennifer E. Engen

The word skincare has become extremely extensive. From taking up a futuristic approach towards our skin to experiencing tech skincare, the world has become more modernistic but at the same time there are ingredients and powerful traditional recipes that have been holding a strong ground since forever, making us turn to them always when it comes to tackling our skincare woes. Kumkumadi oil is another such powerful skincare pick that has been known for its ayurvedic and healing properties. Infused with saffron, it tends to repair and heal the skin, giving it a natural glow from within. If you need more reasons to use this oil, well, we have got you covered with all its benefits.

Best Kumkumadi Oils To Try Out Now

What Is Kumkumadi Oil?

Skincare might have been advanced but the charm of Ayurveda works like magic always. Kumkumadi oil is an ayurvedic oil which is majorly a blend of saffron threads along with oils like almond, sesame and rose oils and other ingredients. The age-old traditional recipe of the oil is known for its skin benefit. It is known to be one of the best treatments for damaged skin. It is extensively used for skincare and has been a part of the beauty routines of queens in ancient times.

Benefits Of Kumkumadi Oil

1. Skin Brightening

Kumkumadi tailam is also known for its skin brightening properties as it is infused with the goodness of herbs like sandalwood, saffron and licorice which eventually helps in brightening the skin. You can use it once regularly for best results.

2. Treats Acne

Acne is one common skincare issue that almost every other person has been facing since forever. This oil is also known for its acne treating properties as the ingredients used in the formulation contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It not only helps to treat but also reduces inflammation as well.


Kumkumadi oil also helps in treating acne

3. Deals With Hyperpigmentation

This oil is a great way for treating hyperpigmentation because it has amazing skin lightening properties which eventually helps even out the skin tone really well. . It also treats existing pigmentation very quickly, thereby giving you clear and supple skin. You can use a few drops of the oil daily for best results.

4. Moisturizes The Skin

This oil has moisturising properties which is a great way to also deal with dry skin, thereby giving you a natural glow. With regular use, this oil will help soften even the driest skin and make it plump and supple.

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