Best Muscle Building Supplements Of 2022

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You may gain muscle mass if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. On the other hand, supplements are a popular choice for reaching one’s full growth potential. Everything depends on your decision. Which ones do you want?

To get the body of your dreams, you must put in a lot of effort and time to grow muscle mass. Even if you continue to train regularly and notice no results, you may require the assistance of muscle-building supplements to help you reach your goals. These muscle-building pills may assist you in achieving the physique of your dreams. As an added benefit, these vitamins may speed up your recovery time after a particularly strenuous workout.

Not all vitamins and minerals are equal, although certain supplements help to enhance your health. The problem is that some products contain fillers, chemicals, and hazardous components that might harm your health in the long run.

We have compiled a list of the best muscle-building supplements on the market today, all of which are affordable. From the most crucial (though still highly effective) weight gain nutrients, they are in order of importance. Budget-conscious consumers will benefit from this guide because they will know which supplements to buy. In addition, if money is no object, go ahead and stock up. Just make sure you use them according to the instructions.

Top 7 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth in the Market:

  1. TestoPrime: Overall Best Testosterone Supplements for Muscle Growth
  2. Tri-Protein: Most Preferred Bulking Diet & Bodybuilding Diet 
  3. Intensive Pre-Train: Popular Supplement to Gain Muscle Mass
  4. PhenQ: Quality Gym Supplements
  5. CRN-5: Top Muscle Building & Muscle Recovery Supplements
  6. HyperGH 14x: Clinically Proven Supplement for Building Muscle After 50
  7. Ritual Multivitamin: Vegan-Friendly Supplements That Build Muscle

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. TestoPrime: Overall Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

Brand Overview

TestoPrime is first on our list and is a supplement that may help raise the levels of the male hormone testosterone. The creators claim this supplement will increase your testosterone levels and provide you with all associated benefits.

If you are into bodybuilding, you have probably heard of it. Or, maybe someone may have recommended it to you as a powerful testosterone booster (thus the name), which does not just function during workouts.

You can expect fast recovery, better physical ability and endurance, muscle gain, and a sudden increase in strength because TestoPrime’s benefits are superior to Sustanon, the illegal anabolic steroid.

TestoPrime promises increased strength, improved performance, and more muscle mass acquisition.

If you want to appear your best, take TestoPrime. Bodybuilders who want a more chiseled appearance use it because of its excellent fat-cutting efficiency.


  • Over 100 countries are eligible for free shipping
  • When you buy in bulk, you get free bottles as a bonus (2 or more)
  • Free testosterone-boosting e-books available
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee


  • Only available on the official website


Increased Energy

This organic testosterone booster contains all-natural substances that may give you increased energy and stamina all day long. As an added benefit, it may help with muscle building and boost levels of testosterone. Because of this, you may have more success in your regular activities, as well as greater mental toughness.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Some supplements, such as TestoPrime, can help with muscle recovery by accelerating the process. Some people prefer to build muscle in advance of an athletic event, and this pill may help them do so without taking numerous breaks. The TestoPrime tablet may give you more than enough time to train for the competition while preparing your muscles to compete.

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#2. Tri-Protein: Most Preferred Bulking Diet & Bodybuilding Diet 


Brand Overview

Even if you work hard and crush every workout, you will not achieve your goals unless you provide your muscles with the proper food to recover. Muscular growth occurs after you train while your muscles recover; therefore, you should consume as much protein as possible if you want to grow and maintain muscle mass.

CrazyBulk has been assisting people in achieving their perfect figure for years. From fat loss to weight gain, their diverse product line has something for everyone attempting to achieve their ideal physique, all without the negative side effects of steroid use.

CrazyBulk is well known for producing items that imitate the effects of anabolic steroids. Cutting, bulking, strength supplements, and supplement stacking are among the company’s specialties. Hormone-targeting supplements, such as HGH and other hormones, are also available from CrazyBulk.

Whether you want to gain muscle mass, lose weight, improve strength, or desire a bundle of effective bodybuilding pills, CrazyBulk may have the right supplement for you. D-BAL (Dianabol), HGH-X2, Clenbuterol, and Trenorol are all available from CrazyBulk.

Other vitamins may help your body recuperate from heavy exercise, but, according to the website, Tri-Protein is the best supplement to take for recovery and muscle building post-workout. Overall, CrazyBulk has received support from top bodybuilders and fitness professionals.


  • Contains whey protein
  • Can be blended with water or milk, or added to smoothies and yogurts
  • Around 26 to 30 grams of protein per scoop


  • Whey protein does not suit everyone


Facilitates Muscle Growth

With age, muscle mass naturally decreases, which frequently results in weight gain. With a combination of strength exercise and a proper diet, this negative change in body composition may be partially delayed, stopped, or avoided.

Resistance exercise combined with a high-protein diet or supplementation is thought  to be an effective preventive strategy. Enriched-quality protein sources, such as whey, which is high in the branched-chain amino acid isoleucine and valine, are particularly beneficial.

Helps in Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to injury. Inflammation is useful in the short term, but it can become chronic under some circumstances. Chronic inflammation is a risk factor for many diseases and can be hazardous. It may be an indication of deeper health problems or a result of poor lifestyle choices.

According to comprehensive review research, high doses of whey protein supplements dramatically lowered C-reactive protein (CRP), a crucial measure of inflammation in the body.

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#3. Intensive Pre-Train: Popular Supplement to Gain Muscle Mass


Brand Overview

Without proper fueling before exercises or intense workouts, you may be weaker and fatigued more quickly than you would normally be. To counter this, pre-workout is formulated to help you go harder and longer during your workout.

In other words, the supplement is designed to give you more energy and focus and comes in several different forms, including tablets, protein shakes, and meals.

The pre-workout supplement Intensive Pre-Train gives users long-lasting energy while reducing fatigue and encouraging high-intensity exercise when used as directed.

Drink Intensive Pre-Train 20 to 30 minutes before working out from a shaker bottle half-full. According to CrazyBulk, Pre-Train should only be used once per day due to its potency.

Caffeine and other stimulants, when used at significant levels, can have unpleasant side effects. However, you may feel more energized by taking KSM-66 and thiamine, which are energy-boosting supplements. Also, En-Xtra, which is a combination of caffeine and other compounds, is included as well.

It is no surprise that pre-workouts contain sugar, caffeine, and other energy-boosting stimulants to help you get through a particularly challenging workout.


  • May increase power and allow you to push yourself for longer periods
  • May assist in increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles
  • May be able to limit muscle breakdown
  • May feel more energized and awake


  • Makes users at risk of putting on some weight


Keeps You Stronger for Long

While lifting weights or performing reps in resistance training, it is common to find that your last set is less effective than your first one in terms of weight or reps completed. Pre-caffeine workouts are thought to be responsible for this impact. So, using pre-workout supplements may help you get more reps in before your muscles give up.

May Boost Power

Sprinting, for example, necessitates power, which is defined as the quantity of work done in a certain period. Due to its energy-boosting properties, it is thought that pre-workout supplements may improve physical performance.

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#4. PhenQ: Quality Gym Supplements

Brand Overview

Obesity has become a global problem in today’s culture, and it is not simple to cope with, whether it is losing weight through exercise or supplements like PhenQ.

PhenQ is not your typical weight-loss supplement. Unlike other supplements, PhenQ has several different objectives. It serves to decrease hunger, increase energy, burn fat, and prevent fat from accumulating again. The founders created it by researching a wide range of plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals and then creating the greatest product possible based on the findings.

This product aids in weight loss by potentially contributing to metabolism and the combustion of resistant fat layers. It is also less expensive than a diet plan or surgery for weight loss. Moreover, there are no artificial ingredients, fillers, or chemicals in this supplement.

For example, one of its primary ingredients, ɑ-Lacys Reset, has been demonstrated to burn 7.24% of body fat, 3.44% of weight, and enhance muscle mass by 3.8% on its own, according to the official PhenQ website.

And, once again, it is just one ingredient accomplishing all of this, and once the rest of the chemicals are added, we may expect an even greater effect. Furthermore, because these are natural substances rather than synthetics, it is quite safe, as previously stated.

Thousands of people trust PhenQ, and for a good reason. This weight-loss product works in five different ways to help you lose weight. PhenQ’s formula has been researched and tested numerous times to improve its effectiveness.


  • May help you lose weight through multiple methods
  • May keep you fuller for longer
  • May help prevent the formation of new fat cells
  • Created in laboratories in the U.S. and the U.K.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping and discounts available when purchasing several bottles


  • Contains caffeine
  • Only available on the official website


Boosts Your Energy

Aside from decreasing your appetite, PhenQ may also help you gain energy, which is important for longer workout sessions. The boost in energy may also help you stay motivated and train harder during your workout. Due to the effects of caloric restriction, you may experience a lack of energy and weariness when on a diet.

Thankfully, PhenQ was created with this in mind, with energy-boosting chemicals like caffeine present to give you a boost and prevent you from becoming tired as a result of dieting. It may also help you get the energy you need to work and exercise.

Improves Mood

Apart from making you tired, diets may also have detrimental mental consequences, such as making you melancholy or causing mood swings. As a result, PhenQ contains chemicals that may create a calm, even mental state, preventing you from having negative moods when dieting and keeping you on track to your goal.

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#5. CRN-5: Top Muscle Building & Muscle Recovery Supplements


Brand Overview

Ultimate CRN-5 is a pre-workout product that should be consumed 20 to 30 minutes before exercise. To get the most out of it, you should take it before a workout, as CRN-5 allows for better pumps, stronger lifts, and more intense training.

CRN-5 combines five creatine sources to provide these benefits, including creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrochloride, creatine ethyl ester, creatine citrate pyruvate, and tri-creatine malate, among others. These may help you feel less tired during your workout while also boosting your gains afterward.

Creatine is a substance that is naturally contained in the muscle cells of everyone. It aids in the production of energy in your muscles during heavy lifting or high-intensity activity. Athletes and bodybuilders widely use creatine supplementation to gain muscle, increase strength, and improve workout performance.

It can be made from the amino acids glycine and arginine, and in terms of chemistry, it is quite comparable to amino acids. A person’s body’s ability to store creatine depends on various factors, including diet, activity, muscle mass, and hormones like testosterone and IGF-1.

According to the manufacturer’s website, it increases lean muscle mass, strength, and stamina, and the avoidance of neurological problems is another purported health benefit. Some people say creatine is dangerous and causes many adverse effects. However, in reality, it is one of the world’s most thoroughly evaluated supplements, with an excellent safety record.


  • May allow you to put in more effort
  • May reduce the degradation of proteins
  • May make hydration easier
  • May enhance the signaling of growth
  • May lower the inhibitory concentrations


  • Complimentary supplements are more difficult to combine


Helps Muscle Cells Produce More Energy

Creatine is critical for the health and well-being of your cells since it aids in the production of the energy- and life-giving molecule ATP.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is broken down in the body during exercise to provide energy, and a slow rate of muscle protein synthesis hampers an athlete’s capacity to perform at maximum intensity.

As your phosphocreatine stores expand from taking creatine supplements, your muscles can manufacture more ATP energy, which is used to fuel them during high-intensity activity. Creatine’s performance-enhancing properties are primarily due to this mechanism.

Speeds Muscle Growth

Taking supplements like creatine is the most efficient way to gain muscle mass in the world today, and studies demonstrate that taking it increases lean body mass and muscle mass. An increase in muscle water content brings on this initial increase.

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#6. HyperGH 14x: Clinically Proven Supplement for Building Muscle After 50

Brand Overview

HGH, more popularly known as the Human Growth Hormone, is important for growth and generating new cells. Post workout, our cells need to heal, which could take much longer. However, adding HGH directly to your body is unlawful, so you would have to use it without a doctor’s supervision.

Even without the requirement for a visit to a doctor or authorization, HyperGH 14x may boost muscle mass and improve definition. Moreover, HyperGH 14x does not require any unpleasant injections and does not contain synthetic HGH.

HyperGH is a healthy technique to generate HGH in your physique, and it may also easily burn the excessive fat from the body. This firm offers free shipping on certain goods and a 67-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

There are currently no recorded side effects or reports of toxicity related to HGH administration. Additionally, the formula is created in a cGMP-certified lab, which is one of the industry’s most demanding quality standards.

The company also provides 24/7 customer care that you can depend on anytime you have any issues. HyperGH 14x focuses on creating lean muscle and helping you retain it. Aside from this, the supplement may also assist in decreasing the amount of time you need to recover.


  • May help the body release growth hormone
  • 67-day money-back guarantee
  • No artificial HGH present
  • Enteric coating on the capsules aids absorption


  • Obvious changes may take up to six months to appear


Decrease Muscle & Body Fat

You may notice a reduction in belly fat as soon as you start taking HyperGH 14x. This happens by contributing to your metabolism, allowing you to digest food more quickly. It may make you ravenous in a short length of time, which will lead to all of your muscle growth. After using these pills, you do not have to be too strict regarding diet or exercise.

Promotes Sleep

To get in shape, you need to practice healthy lifestyle habits, which include a good diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep. Taking time to relax is critical to your body’s ability to grow muscle, and working all day and going to the gym for a few hours each day is sufficient to keep the muscles growing independently. So, all of these factors may be made easier with the help of this supplement.

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#7. Ritual Multivitamin: Vegan-Friendly Supplements That Build Muscle

Brand Overview

Ritual is a multivitamin supplement brand that uses high-quality components in a formula that is easily absorbed by the body. Ritual was created due to the founder’s disappointment with the prenatal vitamin options available on the market, many of which contained questionable substances.

Multivitamins are dietary supplements taken by both sexes, regardless of their age or gender identity. To get the best benefits, buy a multivitamin that is appropriate for your age group. Although it does not increase muscle mass, it may be beneficial for overall health.

Diet has an important influence on nutritional intake. When it comes to supplements, many businesses believe more is better, so they increase dosages and make their ingredients longer. However, this company believes that limiting ingredients to a core set of nutrients, which reflect the most typical dietary gaps, is especially beneficial for vegans, vegetarians, and pregnant women.

Based on its claims, Ritual says its multivitamins intelligently cover dietary gaps for Americans of every age and gender without incorporating excessive or counterproductive additives. Ritual’s main advantage over other multivitamin supplements is its concentration on nutrients that most individuals do not receive enough daily. As an added bonus, the pills come in a minty flavor.

This supplement has ten chemicals that can be tracked, so you will know exactly what you are putting in your body. You do not have to worry about taking the supplement on an empty stomach because it has a delayed-release formula.


  • Lifecycle of a person may be addressed using vitamin formulations
  • Third-party lab tested ingredients
  • Clinical trial conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness


  • May not affect muscle repair, strength, or gains after exercise


Increases Energy Levels

Weakness and fatigue can set in if our dietary needs are not being addressed. But, taking multivitamin pills as prescribed by your doctor may help you regain your vigor. With the help of multivitamins and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to remain energized and active.

Easy on the Stomach

Ritual Multivitamins also have the advantage of being suitable to take on an empty stomach. Although this does not mean you should take it empty-handed, it does provide a lot of ease.

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Beginner’s Supplements for Muscle Gain

If you are a frequent exerciser, you are probably concerned about obtaining the greatest benefit from your efforts.

Muscle gains are a significant advantage of regular exercise, and having a good amount of muscle allows you to be more active and productive in your daily activities and sports.

Maximal muscle development necessitates the fulfillment of three requirements:

  • Consuming more calories than you burn
  • Consuming more protein than you break down
  • Engaging in physical activity places a strain on your muscles

While it is possible to meet all of these requirements without dietary supplements, some supplements may make it easier to achieve your goals.

The following supplements all have the potential to assist you in building greater muscle while following an exercise regimen.


Creatine is a substance your body produces on its own, and it provides energy to your muscles and other muscle tissue through the process of oxidation. It may raise muscle creatine levels above normal when used as a dietary supplement.

There is a substantial amount of evidence to demonstrate that creatine boosts muscle strength, as it has an effect on your muscle cells as well as your exercise performance, resulting in muscle gain. If you want to gain muscle, this is great news. Strengthening your muscles allows you to work out longer and harder, which leads to greater gains in muscle mass over time.

It is also possible that creatine may help you retain more water in your muscles. As a result, your muscle cells may enlarge slightly and produce signals for muscle growth. In addition, this supplement may raise levels of hormones that promote muscular growth, such as IGF-1.

Protein Supplements

Gaining muscle mass necessitates a high intake of protein. To put it simply, if you want to gain muscle, you must ingest more protein than your body can break down.

Although protein-rich foods can provide you with all of the protein you require, some people have difficulty doing so. If this is your situation, you should think about taking a protein supplement.

Whey, casein, and soy protein are three of the most popular protein supplements on the market.

According to research, people who exercise gain more muscle when they consume extra protein than when they consume extra carbs. However, those who don’t get enough protein in their regular diet are more likely to feel the effects.

According to some studies, a high-protein diet alone may not be enough to build muscle mass, even when combined with high-protein supplementation. Many people are unsure of the ideal daily protein intake, but generally, 0.5–0.9 grams of protein per pound (1.2–2.0 grams per kg) of body weight may be ideal for physically active people who want to grow muscle.

Weight Gainers

Gainers help you consume more calories and protein than you would on your own since they make it easier to take these nutrients. These pills are popular among those who find it difficult to bulk up naturally. Even when they consume many calories and lift weights, some still struggle to put on muscle mass and bulk up their bodies.

Weight gainer supplements come in a wide range of calorie counts, but it is not uncommon for them to have a serving size of over 1,000 calories. Since protein is crucial for muscular growth, many individuals believe these calories come from it. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, account for the majority of the calories.

Each serving of these caloric supplements contains anywhere from 75 to 300 grams of carbs and 10 to 60 grams of protein. Weight gainer pills may help you consume more calories, but they do not work like magic, as you should know.

BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three amino acids that make up branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and proteins like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fish are common sources of it.

BCAAs are essential for muscular building, making up 14% of your body’s total amino acids. Almost everyone gets their daily dose of BCAAs through food, but they are also quite popular as a dietary supplement.

If you are not getting enough high-quality protein in your diet, it is unlikely that BCAA supplements can help you.


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that may help athletes recover faster and exert themselves for longer periods without feeling muscle fatigue. So, if you are on an exercise regimen, using beta-alanine may help you gain muscle mass.

For collegiate wrestlers and football athletes, consuming 4 grams of beta-alanine per day boosted lean body mass more than placebo over eight weeks, according to one study. According to another study, adding beta-alanine supplements to a six-week high-intensity interval training program boosted lean body mass by around one pound (0.45 kg) compared to placebo.

Beta-alanine supplementation with exercise may help people gain muscle, but additional research is needed to confirm this.

FAQs: Muscle-Building Supplements

Q1. What Is the Medical Advice Regarding Someone Just Starting to Take Workout Supplements?

The term “supplement” refers to something that is added on top of something else. Post-workout supplements are not a substitute for hard work or a well-balanced diet. Instead, supplements are employed in addition to these methods to aid in the achievement of one’s objectives. Always start with the essentials — protein powder is a fantastic place to start. By starting cautiously and adopting one supplement at a time, you may more readily determine which supplements are beneficial to you and their effects.

Q2. Is Whey Protein Powder Better Than Protein in Food?

Keep in mind that supplements are supposed to “supplement” your current activity and nutrition. Whey protein powder is easy to use, has immune-boosting properties, and can be absorbed quickly after an exercise. While getting all of your protein from a box of powder is not recommended, when you are in a hurry, it is a fantastic lunch alternative.

Q3. Can You Still Reach Your Goals if You Have a Cheat Day?

Whether or not you can quit dieting and still experience improvements depends on your body type, but generally, one cheat day per week is fine.

Limit your cheat meals to one per week if you are prone to gaining weight quickly. You can also schedule a cheat day every two to three weeks to keep yourself on track. Replace a healthy meal with a treat now and then. Just do not go overboard and skip out on your other nutritious meals because you ate too much.

Q4. How Do I Get Rid of Muscle Soreness Once I Have It?

This hotly contested subject supports a thriving industry, including foam rollers, vibrating foam rollers, cryotherapy, ice baths, and the icy hot patch.

On the other hand, the best way to combat DOMS is to combine active stretching with more exercise. To avoid overworking your body, keep your recovery post-workout short and easy. Keeping your body active while allowing it to recuperate is the goal. So, go for a walk, swim, or practice yoga, as these activities make it easier to remove waste products and infuse new blood and nutrients. Also, some claim massage and heat treatments such as warm baths or saunas can help, too.

Concluding – Best Muscle-Building Supplements

Choosing the best vitamins and minerals might be difficult because there are so many options on the market. But, you should only shop at trustworthy merchants and opt for vitamins created with high-quality ingredients to ensure you are getting the greatest supplement possible. You may also get the best bang for your buck by reading the ingredient list and looking for goods that a third-party lab has tested.

We believe you now have all of the information you need to begin your supplement journey, and that the products on this list are among the best available for growing muscle today. Our favorite muscle-building supplements are TestoPrime and Tri-Protein. But, if you have any underlying health issues, see your doctor before making a new purchase.

Best Muscle Building Supplements Of 2022

Best Muscle Building Supplements Of 2022

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