Best Weight Gainer For Men in 2022

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We have selected 4 top ranking Best Weight Gainers for Men.

For persons with low BMI or people who want to increase their weight for miscellaneous purposes, the weight gainer supplements (pills, powder, shakes) selected in this article will work like a boon. We have selected 4 top ranking Best Weight Gainers for Men.

In the first instance it may look odd when someone asks you the ways to gain weight. In the present scenario the whole world is struggling to get rid of obesity which has risen to alarming proportions.

If we take the case of USA about 70% of the population are in the category of overweight or obese. The picture is no good in other European countries.

Though the countries of Asia and Africa are slightly in a better position but in these countries too the phenomenon is fast catching up.

But in spite of all the above situations worldwide there are some people who are struggling through just the opposite issues. These people are too skinny and unable to gain weight in spite of many efforts.

There are many studies to tackle the problem of overweight and its ill effects are quite known. The concerted efforts of the medical personnels have raised the consciousness among the people.

The new generation of people are well aware of the issue and are engaged in efforts to lose weight through multidimensional ways.

The 4 Best Weight Gainer Supplements for Men – Top Male Gainer Pills, Shakes and Powders

#1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer – Best Overall

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Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is a weight and muscle mass increasing supplement. The supplement is packed with a high amount of protein, carbs and calories.

The ingredients of the mass gainer supplement contains as high as 695 calories along with 50 grams of protein as well as 100 grams of carbs.

The amounts of the ingredients are so selected that you gain muscle mass without having any spikes in the blood sugar levels. It causes no digestion problems such as bloating and gas.

The beneficial effects of the supplement Crazy Nutrition mass Gainer are …

  • Increase in the size of muscles giving you lean muscles devoid of any fat
  • The 50 gram packed protein in the supplement boosts your power as well as strength
  • The perfect blending of ingredients of the supplement provides you with renewed energy and muscular body
  • The supplement has many ingredients, the nutrients of which makes the recovery faster after hard training

Who can take the Crazy Nutrition Mass gainer supplement?

The supplement is designed for the hard hitting performers in the fields of Gym, athletics, outdoor games and crossfit.

The mode of using the supplement

The supplement is to be taken daily as per the instruction provided along with the package.

You can take the supplement before or after the workout. The supplement can also be taken between the meals and even as a replacement to the main meals.

You have to take 6 scoops of the Crazy Nutrition Mass gainer supplement and pour into a glass of water. Shake it well and drink whenever you like and enjoy the beautiful taste of the supplement.

The supplement is available in two flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Ingredients List

The active ingredients are:

Creatine Monohydrates

Astragin ( Root extracts of Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus )

Senactiv ( Root extract of Panax Notoginseng and fruit extract of Rosa Roxburghii )

DigeZyme: Amylase + Protease + Cellulase + lactase + Lipase )


Oat Flour free of Gluten ( Carb10 )

Whey protein Blend

Sweet Potato Flour

Creatine Monohydrate

Flaxseed Powder




DigZyme enzyme complex

The supplement is easily mixed and its taste is delicious.


One container $34.99

Guarantee Clause

60 day risk free 100% refund policy.

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#2. Tri-Protein – Best Weight Gainer Protein

Best Weight Gainer For Men in 2022  Top 4 Male Gainers

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Our second best top ranking weight gainer supplement is Tri-protein from the family of Crazy Nutrition. This one is a very high quality supplement containing a large amount of protein for muscle growth.

The scientific mix of various proteins and nutrients of the supplement help you to rapidly grow muscle mass. The mix is 3 times more powerful as well as reliable compared to the conventional proteins like whey protein.

The Triprotein powder is a mix of six different types of proteins. Most of the other protein supplements have only one type of protein.

With this supplement you will get a huge amount of protein to the extent of 21 gram per serving.

The core principle of the weight gainer supplement Tri-protein is that for faster and fuller growth of the muscle mass the performers must be provided with more than one protein.

The supplements having only one protein cannot give you your requirement of fast muscle growth. By including more types of proteins the manufacturer of the weight gain supplement Tri-protein has ensured that the proteins are absorbed in a more efficient way.

It also helps the body build muscle mass correctly by providing many amino acids which are the key element for the growth.

By taking the weight gainer Tri-protein you can achieve the following benefits …

  • Quicker muscle growth
  • Improved quality of muscle
  • Increased blood flow
  • Sufficient and balanced protein intake for fast muscle mass gain
  • Reduced bloating and gas
  • Higher absorption of protein
  • No side effects
  • Ingredients are natural and hence the supplement is safe and legal
  • The supplement is manufactured in GMP certified facility
  • All the ingredients are selected only after thorough testing
  • Ensured clean and best quality ingredients


The ingredients of Tr-protein consist of six powerful proteins which are meant to be absorbed in 3 different times. You will not have any feeling of hunger pangs by taking the supplement.

Whey protein concentrate: Whey protein is quite popular with the persons seeking weight gain because this protein can be easily digested and absorbed by the body.

The whey protein contains immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins have an important property due to which it protects the body from such chronic diseases as asthma and allergies.

Whey protein works effectively in faster recovery after hard training so that you do not feel muscle soreness and pain for a longer time.

Whey protein Isolate: This isolate is the purest form of whey protein. This protein is included in the formula of weight gainer supplement Tri-protein due to the presence of amino acids. The amino acids available in the whey protein isolate are useful for the building as well as maintaining the muscle mass. It also has an important effect in regulating the levels of sugar.

Whey protein is a favorite protein of the high performing athletes and bodybuilders.

Micellar Casein: This ingredient is a blend of milk proteins which are utilized during the making of cheese. This protein coagulate makes the supplement shake smooth and velvety. By taking the protein blend you get the right types of amino acids for a longer time.

Milk protein concentrate: Milk protein concentrate is one unique protein concentrate in which you get all the essential amino acids required for the growth of lean muscles. For the high performers the milk protein concentrate is a boon through which they can get all the protein needs. It aids in bone health as well as muscle gain. The casein in the milk protein helps resist muscle waste.

Calcium caseinate: this ingredient is included in the formula due to its ability to repair muscle damages.

Researches have revealed that this protein helps in quicker recovery after hard training so that there is no feeling of muscle soreness the day after. This is a protein which is slowly digested by our body aids in repair and build up of lean muscles.

Whey protein hydrolysate: It contains a huge amount of Leucine which is an essential amino acid. It helps in building new muscle.

Steps in the strategy of assimilation of the weight gainer supplement Tri-protein in the body

Rapid absorption: The first phase of absorption starts with the whey protein isolate as well as whey protein hydrolysate. In this way your body gets the proper quality support and amino acids necessary for the muscle-repair.

Muscle Refueling: In the second phase you get milk protein as well as whey protein concentrate. This blending includes digestive enzymes. This blending of various nutrients starts the fueling of the amino acids leading to muscle building. The mix also works in the direction of muscle repair and in the process of recovery. All these important phenomena occur without hampering your digestive activities so that you do not face any digestive issues.

Appetite suppression: In the third phase the actions of Micellar Casein as well as Calcium caseinate starts. It continues the process of supplying the amino acids for muscle building while simultaneously suppressing cravings for more foods.

Use Instructions

The weight gainer supplement Tri-protein works wonderfully after workout removing fatigue and tiredness. All you have to do is to add one scoop of the supplement Tri-protein to a glass of water. You are free to use any drink of your choice. This will rejuvenate you for the whole day. It is easy to make and has a chocolate flavor.

For getting the full expected results the users must comply with other instructions like resorting to a suitable healthy dietary plan, regular training under the guidance of a trained trainer.

Though the supplement contains natural potent ingredients containing important proteins, the users are advised to consult their respective doctors for removing any apprehension.

Buying options

For buying the weight gainer supplement Tri-protein you have to browse through the official website of Crazy Nutrition.

For any rare possibility where the customer is not satisfied with the results even after taking the supplement for 60 days, the company provides a 100% refund policy.

You can contact them at [email protected]

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#3. CrazyBulk Bulking Stack –  Best Legal Steroid Stack for Extreme Weight Gains

Best Weight Gainer For Men in 2022  Top 4 Male Gainers

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Many bodybuilders and athletes complain that in spite of their wholehearted efforts in their irrespective fields of activities, they are unable to achieve the desired results.

The reasons can be many. But without going into the details of the causes etc let me ask you a question.

Will it not be beneficial for the performers if there is one dietary supplement which supports their efforts giving extraordinary results within a short period of time?

We find that the reputed company in the field of dietary supplements, CrazyBulk, offers a number of dietary supplements to aid such high performers.

The fitness supplements offered by CrazyBulk are alternative steroids without any side effects of the real steroids.

About Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is a company which sells fitness supplements. They claim their products to be legal steroids minus the side effects of real steroids.

Their fitness products were introduced in the market six years ago. The products made a sensation in the market and the aspirants got crazy with the fitness supplements.

The records say that the company has already sold 509,000 products all over the world to the aspirants in the field of bodybuilding.

Their range of products include protein powders, bulking, cutting etc.

About the fitness supplement CrazyBulk Stacking

CrazyBulk Stacking supplement is a combo offer which includes four different muscle as well strength gainers.

Best Weight Gainer For Men in 2022  Top 4 Male Gainers

  1. D-Bal
  2. Trenorol
  3. Testo-Max
  4. Decaduro

The users of the stack have to take one scoop of each supplement.

–       D-Bal

D-Bal is the most popular and effective product of Crazy Bulk. This is the natural alternative to anabolic steroids. It is considered as the topmost favorite for building lean muscles.

D-Bal has potent natural ingredients. Suma Root is one of the important ingredients which contain ecdysteroids.

Suma Root is known as the natural anabolic steroids because its effects are similar to the anabolic steroids. But it has no side effects. The formula has 200 mg of Suma Root loaded with steroids.

Vitamin D3: Studies have revealed the strong association of vitamin D3 with the fast growth of lean muscles.

L-Isoleucine: This is an amino acid and useful in muscle growth.

Ashwagandha: It is a good ingredient for the growth of muscles. Studies have revealed that use of the ingredient for a period of 8 weeks boosts the growth of muscles by 1.5 times compared to those on placebo.

Tribulus terrestris: It has a significant effect on reducing muscle damage. It boosts the performance of the bodybuilders.

–       Trenorol

By using the supplement you will see substantial muscle growth, increase in strength and a faster rate of recovery.

The principle of its working is by increasing nitrogen in the body. Nitrogen is one of the core elements of protein.

By increasing the red blood cells it enables you to supply increased oxygen to the muscles during training helping the muscles to grow fast.

The supplement contains Beta Sitosterol. The element can be found in plants naturally. On the one hand it reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol, on the other hand it increases the amount of free testosterone.

Testosterone is the prime hormone for the growth of muscles in men. In this way Beta Sitosterol helps in getting bigger muscles, increasing focus and providing more energy.

Samento inner bark: This ingredient improves recovery. A study with men having osteoarthritis have shown encouraging results. The men were given 100 mg of the ingredient per day along with 2 gram of mineral supplement. The joints started functioning well with improved pain control compared to the group on placebo.

Nettle Leaf: The lignans of the nettle leaf have a property to bind with SHBG. SHBG in the body works as an inhibitor of testosterone. By binding with SHBG it helps in freeing more testosterone.

Pepsin: It helps in the digestion of the proteins which are the building blocks for the growth of lean muscles.

–       TestoMax

This third product of the stack is a powerful testosterone booster. By taking one capsule of the supplement prior to breakfast you can achieve muscle growth, more energy, more strength and superior performance.

Its effects are similar to the steroid sustanon, the steroid which boosts testosterone.

But Testomax is a legal steroid, safe and having no side effects.

Testomax includes 2352 mg of D-Aspartic acid which is a testosterone booster. By stimulating the human hormone named Luteinizing it helps in increasing the production of testosterone.

Fenugreek: It also helps in increasing your production of testosterone naturally.

Boron: This testosterone booster is particularly useful for the aged.

–       Decaduro

This supplement is the natural and legal alternative to Deca-Durabolin. It works by retaining more nitrogen helping in the synthesis of protein and building lean muscles.

It contains ingredients like Ginseng, L-Arginine, Wild yam, L-Carnitine.

Ginseng: this is a herb which has been used for centuries by the aboriginals. The ingredient enhances the energy level enabling you to perform hard training for a longer period of time.

L-Arginine: This amino acid works by enhancing the level of nitrogen in the body. Nitrogen increases the blood flow to the muscles so that more oxygen reaches the muscles.

Wild yam: This herbal ingredient contains a chemical known as diosgenin. It is possible to convert diosgenin into DHEA in the laboratory under controlled conditions.

DHEA is a natural form of steroid which enhances the strength of the muscles and promotes muscle growth.

The human body is unable to convert diosgenin into DHEA. So by directly taking wild Yam you cannot get any beneficial effects.

L-carnitine: This weight loss ingredient helps in providing energy so that you do not feel tiredness even after hard training.

Where to buy crazy bulk stack

You have to buy the supplement at their official website


One stack containing D-Bal, Testomax, Trenorol and Decadur $179.98

Refund Policy

The company provides a 60 day 100% refund on return of any used as well as unused containers within 67 days of receipt of the package.

Contact email: [email protected]

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#4. Naked Mass

Best Weight Gainer For Men in 2022  Top 4 Male Gainers

This is our fourth choice of weight gainer supplement. The supplement is meant for both muscle building as well as weight gaining.

The supplement contains three powerful proteins of which some are fast absorbed proteins while the others are slow absorbed proteins.

The supplement also contains complex carbohydrates.

The calorie content of each serving is 1250. Protein content of each serving is 50 grams.

The product has no additives.

The formula of the supplement Naked Mass is simple and transparent. There is no tall talking and fooling the customers by unnecessary additives.

No growth hormones are added to the supplement.

The ingredients are …

  • Whey protein
  • Casein
  • Organic maltodextrin

The methodology of working of the weight gainer supplement is multiphase digestion of protein. In this way you are able to get a sustained recovery after a strenuous exercise regime.

The scientific blending of complex carbs with proteins is designed to promote muscle growth.

The carbohydrates added to the supplement are natural as well as complex.

Using instruction

Take four scoops of the weight gainer supplement. Pour the powder into 24 ounces of milk. You may add the powder to any other drinks of your choice.

For making the mixture more tasty you are free to add your favorite flavor. Naked Mass powder comes without any flavor to give its users free choice of their favorite flavor.

If there arises a need to further enhance the performance, you may add to the prepared mixture one scoop of the supplement named Naked Creatine. This will enhance your strength and stamina to a new height.

Maltodextrin: Maltodextrin is included in the supplement for acting as a binder of the ingredients. It also thickens the mixture.

Other manufacturers use maltodextrin which is derived from wheat. But the presence of gluten in it may pose some concern among the users having gluten allergy.

Naked Mass uses organic Tapioca maltodextrin which, being free from gluten, does not cause any gluten allergy issues. Extra care is taken to see that the ingredients are free from any pesticides.

Naked Mass is suitable for all aspirants whether they are gym-goers or athletes or normal citizens desiring to have a healthy and beautiful body.

The supplement is the right choice for those whose BMI is less and who wants to gain their weight safely. The Naked Mass along with a high calorie diet and healthy lifestyle will help you gain weight quickly.

The weight gainer supplement Naked Mass is suitable for teenagers too. Its transparent list of ingredients contains only three items. There are no harmful or hidden ingredients in the supplement.

You are advised to take the supplement either between meals or prior to going to bed. You will get calories which can be absorbed quickly.

The weight gainer supplement Naked Mass is not suitable for the persons who are allergic to lactose or dairy products. For them the company has another product in the name of Vegan Naked Mass which is also equally effective in building lean muscles as well as gaining weight.

The shake turns out to be quite tasty just like a milkshake.

The problem of … Underweight

Like obesity or getting overweight, underweight is also a problem with equal, if not more, concern. Being underweight is equally bad as being overweight.

There are two types of people who may want to gain weight. One are those people who are clinically underweight with low BMI, and the other are those who want to gain their muscle weight even if they are not clinically underweight.

In both the above two groups of people who desire to gain weight, the theory or approach of gaining weight is the same. Increasing the calorie intake intelligently, balancing the diet with high amounts of protein, carbs and fats.

When do you consider yourself Underweight? How Weight Gainers Can Help?

In this age of science everything must be defined scientifically. Just telling somebody underweight is not the reasonable way of expressing things.

For this the doctors check the BMI or Body Mass Index of the person. BMI is calculated based on the weight and height of the person.

The formula for calculating BMI:

BMI = [Weight in Kg / Height in cm x height in cm ] x 1000

You will be considered as underweight when the BMI comes out below 18.5. The doctors consider 18.5 BMI as the threshold below which you are in the less than optimum healthy condition.

The upper threshold limit of the BMI is 25 and 30. The people with more than 25 but below 30 BMI are overweight. The people with more than 30 BMI are obese.

There are many sites on the internet where you can get your BMI simply by putting your height and weight values in tables. So you no longer need not to physically calculate the BMI.

But the problem with these BMI scales is that it only indicates your levels of fat deposition in the body. It fails to indicate the ideal muscle mass.

Again it has been observed that for some people in spite of their skinny body, they are quite healthy having no lack of energy or any other health issues. For such people it may be erroneous to declare them underweight simply on the basis of their low BMI.

But nevertheless being underweight is far from safe. The studies have revealed that the underweight people are at 140% more risk of dying early when compared to normal people.

Obesity on the other hand poses a 50% more risk of dying early. And the other point of concern for the men is that they are under greater risk of premature death than women.

Among the risks involved with the underweight persons are osteoporosis leading to fractures in bones as well as fertility related issues.

The underweight people may also suffer from sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a type of muscle-waste phenomenon which comes with aging.

These people are also at a higher risk of being affected by dementia.

The reasons of being underweight

  • Insufficient and unhealthy diet: This condition may arise due to poverty or due to some medical condition like digestive dysfunction, improper absorption of nutrients by the intestines, loss of blood internally or due to one kind of mental disorder called anorexia nervosa.
  • Diabetes: The person affected by diabetes loses much weight within a short time. It is difficult for them to gain weight.
  • Thyroid dysfunction: There are two types of thyroidisms. The hyperthyroidism leads to unaccounted loss of weight. Can be treated by medicine.
  • Cancer: The tumors which are cancerous may also cause weight loss
  • Celiac Disease: It is a form of intolerance to gluten.
  • Infections: some severe infections may also lead to weight loss.

The underweight persons should consult their doctors to know the underlying reasons for being underweight. This is very important for those people who suddenly start losing a significant amount of weight without even trying to lose weight.

Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

The first principle to gain weight is just the opposite to that which is suggested for overweight people. Take more calories than you are able to burn. This surplus calorie in the body gets converted into mass and fat.

Nowadays many websites are there where you can find the calorie requirement for you.

For quicker weight gain you have to take 700 to 1000 calories more than the calories which you require to maintain your normal activities.

If you prefer slow gain of weight, 300 to 500 calorie-intake over and above the calorie required for maintenance of your normal activities will be good.

You need not to depend fully on the calorie estimates provided by the experts. It will give an idea for starting the weight gain regime. Your experience and judgment will play a major role in gaining weight.

In course of time you will be able to estimate your calorie requirement yourself and you will not need to refer to the calorie estimates.

High intake of protein: For increasing the muscle mass, protein is a must. In absence of protein, a greater portion of the calorie intake may get converted into fat.

This phenomenon has also been confirmed by studies. High protein diet is associated with increased size of muscle and increased muscle mass.

An amount of 1.5 to 2.2 grams of protein for every kg of weight is a fair amount of protein which should be ingested for weight gain. This may be increased for persons whose calorie intake is more.

You can get protein from natural sources like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts etc.

Eating a good amount of carbs and fat: Good amount of carbs and fat is essential for gaining weight.

Do not fast during the weight gain regime. Take three meals rich in protein, carbs and fats.

The importance of Protein in Best Gainer Supplements

Protein is an essential element for the growth and sustenance of our body. Protein is responsible for building as well as repairing tissues like skin, muscles etc.

The structure as well as functioning of the organs, hormones, bones etc depend to a great extent on the proteins.

We know that we are regularly losing cells and new cells also come up. For rebuilding new cells protein is essential. Hence the proteins are there in every cell of our DNA, red blood, bones and everywhere.

Sufficient intake of protein is very important. When our body is starved of protein, the body has to get the protein from the body’s store for the upkeep of the regular body systems.

The main store of proteins in the body is the muscles. Any dearth of protein will be replenished by taking it from the muscles. If you fail to provide your body with sufficient protein from food you are sure to lose your muscle mass.

Lack of proteins also makes you weak, tired. Your metabolism will be slowed down. You will feel fatigued, having cramps and soreness.

Your Protein Needs

The research has confirmed that the optimum need of protein for an average healthy man is 0.8 grams per kilogram weight. About 98% of persons with good health have an intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

The protein needs of the people vary depending upon many factors such as activity levels,body constitution, performance levels, goals etc.

For the goal of losing fat you require more intake of protein. 1.3 to 2.0 grams of protein per kg of body weight is good for losing fat fast.

Studies also confirmed that the persons who took protein in the above range were able to lose more fat by increasing lean muscles compared to the persons who ate protein at the rate of 0.8 grams per kg of body weight.

When gaining muscle mass is your target you will need to take high levels of protein.

A level of 1.4 to 2.2 grams of protein for every kg of body weight will be ideal for enhancing muscle growth. This is especially true for the athletes who have to perform a rigorous workout for a long period of time.

This high intake of protein is possible by selecting proper protein rich food as well as taking the help of protein rich supplements.

For sustaining the optimum weight and muscle mass the requirement of protein should be 0.8 to 1.2 grams per kg of body weight.

Thus we can see that the recommended value of protein to the extent of 0.8 grams per kg of body weight is only indicative and a modest amount.

This is the minimum amount of protein which must be supplied to the body for the sustenance and growth of a healthy man.

But that does not apply to special cases where the goals are different. You have to adjust the protein intake according to the goals set by you.

Conclusion: The Best Weight Gainer for you at a Glance

  1. Best Weight Gainer Overall ➥ Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition
  2. Best Weight Gainer Protein ➥ Tri Protein 100%
  3. Best Legal Steroid Stack ➥ Bulking Stack by Crazy Bulk

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