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This review article is about the details of six top ranking best weight gainers for skinny guys which have been narrowed down from a host of brands of the market.

This review article is about the details of six top ranking best weight gainers for skinny guys which have been narrowed down from a host of brands of the market.

Weight gain and obesity, though not pandemic in nature, can be said to be in a pandemic proportion. This is one of the major problems which is being fought by humans all over the world.

The highlighted problem of the present day humanity has overshadowed another problem which is being faced by many people of the earth.

It is not good to be skinny, which may be the dream of many overweight persons. Being underweight is equally bad if not worse for many people.

On the contrary, some people who are not underweight in the sense of medical terminology, may want to gain muscle mass.

Both these two groups of people, one who are clinically underweight and the other who are of normal weight but want to increase their muscle mass have to tread the same path for gaining weight or muscle mass.

The principle to gain weight as well as gain muscle mass is:

1. Consuming more calories than your body burns

2. Consuming plenty amount of protein

3. Consuming large quantity of carbs as well as fats

4. Eating 3 times a day

5. Consuming food which are energy-dense

6. Take spices, sauces and condiments

7. Do strength training and lift heavy weight

8. Be patient and consistent in approach

The weight gainer supplements for skinny men play a vital role in this struggle of the underweight people and the people desirous to gain muscle mass.

Following is the list of “Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys”

1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer – Best Overall Weight Gainer for skinny men

2. Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack – Best Supplement To Gain Muscle Mass

3. Crazy Nutrition Tri-Protein – Best Protein To Support Weight Gain

4. Naked Mass – Gluten & Soy Free Protein Powder

5. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

6. Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer

#1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer – Best For Skinny Guys

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The mass gainer formula of this top ranked supplement is targeted to gain muscle mass with packs as well as increasing the recovery rate after hard and long training.

The supplement has many ingredients which are potent but the manufacturer of the supplement Crazy Bulk has taken special care to avoid unnecessary fillers such as maltodextrin.

The supplement has also given due emphasis to your digestive issues like gas and bloating which is found after consuming ordinary weight gainer supplements. DigeZyme in the supplement takes care of this issue.

Absorption of the ingredients by the body is the major requirement for getting the results. For this the supplement has AstraGin which helps in the absorption of nutrients of the supplement and augment the improvements sought.

Any possible sugar spikes after consuming the supplement is taken care of by Carb10.

The sum total of these concerted efforts is the improvements in the following segments

– Enhanced muscle size with packs excluding fat

– Enhanced power and strength

– Higher levels of energy and mental cognition

– Faster recovery of muscle damage post training

– Suitable for all aspirants including gym-goers, field and track sports, outdoor games, crossfit and resistance workout.

Full list of ingredients

1. Oat Flour ( Gluten Free)

2. Pea Starch known as Carb10

3. Blended Whey protein ( Mix of Whey protein Isolate Of Milk, Whey Protein Concentrate of Milk.

4. Sweet Potato Flour

5. Creatine Monohydrate

6. Flaxseed Powder

7. Flavoring and sweetening agents

8. Senactive ( Mix of Root of Panax Ginseng and Rosa Roxburghii extract)

9. AstraGin ( Mix Of Astragalus Membranous and root extract of Panax Ginseng)

10. DigeZyme ( A Complex of Amylase, Cellulase, protease, lactase and Lipase)

Use Instruction

You can take the supplement daily. You are free to select your time to take the supplement. It can be prior to or after the meal or you may also take it between your meals. If so desired the supplement may also replace your meals.

Dose: 6 scoops. Mix in 20 ounces of water, shake or blend depending on whether you are to mix in shake or glass.

Enjoy the sweet flavored drink any time you like. The supplement is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Price: $83.99 with 100% money back guarantee after using the supplement for 60 days in case you are not satisfied with the supplement.


Question: Who is the manufacturer of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer?

Answer: The manufacturer of the supplement is Crazy Nutrition. They have many other products in their range of supplements and are quite popular in the world of weight gain supplements.

Question: Why should I buy Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer?

Answer: Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer has been selected as the top ranking supplement by our review team due to its no-nonsense formula. It contains no superfluous fillers to burden your stomach. Crazy Nutrition has a range of dietary supplements which will suit your diverse requirements.

Question: How safe is the supplement?

Answer: The manufacturer has selected natural ingredients which have been clinically tested as having no side effects. In case of any apprehensions you are advised to consult your doctor before starting the supplement.

Question: In case I do not get the desired results can I refund the supplement and get the refund amount?

Answer: The company has a 60 day 100% refund policy for you in the rare case of your dissatisfaction.

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#2. Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack – Best Weight Gainer (Muscle Mass)

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When you see the body of a bodybuilder with bulking muscles, you are tempted to build your own muscles in a similar fashion. But building and bulking your muscles are not an easy thing to accomplish.

Bodybuilding is a form of art. Every art needs motivation, patience, perseverance and devotion. You have to practice high levels of restraint in every field like lifestyle, diet, exercise, drugs. You have to lead a highly disciplined life to achieve your end.

Often failure will embrace you tending to tear you out. You get motivated and quit halfway. This is due to insufficient knowledge or no knowledge about how to intelligently process covering all aspects of bodybuilding techniques.

In the field of bodybuilding there are two stages. One is called bulking and the other cutting.

Bulking is about gaining muscle mass. Cutting is toning the muscles and slimming it down to lean muscles.

For achieving your target you need to adopt the following

– High protein diet

– Proper plan of resistance as well as weight lifting workout

– Proper supplement

Gone are the days when the aspirants and high performers had to resort to steroids for their fast transformation. With the modern medical research weight gainer for skinny guys in the form of dietary supplements have come.

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is such a supplement which has been picked up by our review team as the second best supplement for busking your muscle mass.

About the manufacturer Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is in the field of providing dietary supplements having a range of products to its credit. They are providing supplements as an alternative to the steroids which have many jittery side effects.

Their supplements D-Bal, Trenbolone and HGH-X2 replaces the anabolic steroids Dianabol, Trenbolone and HGH as legal and safe alternatives.

Moreover the dynamic strategy of the company Crazy Bulk keeps all their supplements updated constantly changing their formula including latest ingredients. All these upgrades are based on their continuous research as well as the research by reputed research establishments all over the world.

The unique scientific blending of natural ingredients is aimed to enhance the performance of the users by enhancing the levels of testosterone as well as by bolder synthesis of protein.

The Crazy Bulk Stacks are the combo offers from the company offering you a performance enhancing mix of top formulations. These are Bulking Stack, Reducing Stack and Growth Hormone Stack. You can also try from the same company the best Testosterone Booster on the Market, Testoprime.

The Bulking Stack of Crazy Bulk is the most popular and effective supplement for the people who want to gain their muscle mass or who want to get rid of their skinny skins.

The stack consists of D-Bal, Trenorol, DecaDuro and Testomax. Each of the constituent supplements help the bulking process of the body in different ways.

These four supplements also work in a similar fashion as the world’s most potent anabolic steroids. The effect of the stack will be a combination of such steroids as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Sustanon and Trenbolone.


D-Bal contains suma root. This ingredient is rich in ecdysteroids which is termed as the natural anabolic steroid. In controlled studies it has been established that ecdysteroids boosts performance, growth and protein synthesis.

Other ingredients are vitamin D3, L-isoleucine, Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris.

Trenorol works by retaining nitrogen in the muscles. Nitrogen is the basic building block of proteins. It also enhances the production of red blood cells.

The ingredients of Trenorol are Beta Sitosterol, Samento Inner Bark, Nettle Leaf, pepsin

Testo-Max mimics the steroid Sustanon. It boosts the production of testosterone.

The ingredients are D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Boron.

DecaDuro is an alternative to the steroid Durabolin.

The ingredients are Ginseng, L-Arginine, Wild Yam, L-carnitine

Use Instruction

You have to take one serving each of the four supplements included in the bulking stack every day. The total duration of consuming the stack is 4 to 8 weeks.

The supplements of the bulking stack have been selected by expert men of medicine to get synergistic effect. It means that these supplements have a positive interaction giving you leaner and bigger muscle mass.

This has been achieved after years of rigorous research, evaluation and monitoring.

Caution for the consumers of Crazy Bulk Products

– You must avoid consuming the crazy bulk products when you are pregnant

– You must not consume Crazy Bulk Products if you are below the age of 18 years

– You are advised to consult your doctor before starting to use the Crazy Bulk Products

Guarantee Clause

The company provides a 60 day 100% refund policy to its customers. You have to return the used as well as unused containers within 67 days of receipt of the package. Contact the customer care at [email protected]

Price of one set of bulking Stack $179.99

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#3. Crazy Nutrition Tri-Protein – Best Protein for Weight Gain

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In the hard endurance-testing job of bodybuilding, the aspirants often search for some support to tide over the hurdles and quicken the coming of the results.

In such juncture Tri-Protein can play the role of a vital supporting system. TriProtein is manufactured by the reputed company Crazy Nutrition who are playing a major role in promoting varieties of legal steroids.

The legal steroids are made from potent natural ingredients which do not have any side effects like actual steroids. On the other hand these supplements have all the beneficial effects of steroids.

By taking TriProtein you will be able to build a muscular body, increase your muscle mass as well as get rid of skinny skin. The remarkable thing with the supplement is its rich protein content which is much more powerful than whey protein.

Tri-Protein contains six different proteins in contrast to many supplements which have only one type of protein. The amount of protein provided in Tri-Protein is also substantial to the tune of 21 grams in each serving.

The medical theory against the inclusion of more types of protein in the supplement is that different types of protein are absorbed by the body at different points of time.

Thus the body gets a constant supply of protein throughout the day. The principle is somewhat similar to the delayed release principle often employed by the modern prescription tablets.

TriProtein is well absorbed by the body, has no gas issues and bloating, safe and legal steroid.

The supplement is available in chocolate flavor.

Ingredients of mass gainer supplement for skinny men Tri-Protein

– Whey protein: This is a recognised protein which is very popular among bodybuilders. The body absorbs the protein easily. The immunoglobulins of the supplement protects the body from harmful effects of diseases like asthma and other allergic conditions. It works efficiently in recovering the muscle damage and also helps in faster recovery.

– Whey Protein Isolate: This is the purest form of whey protein. The whey protein isolate has many amino acids. These amino acids help in building your lean muscles. It also regulates the levels of blood sugar.

– Micellar Casein: This is a blend of some proteins which are found in cheese. It makes the shake smooth as well as velvety. It helps in supplying your body with important proteins for a long period of time. It is best taken before bedtime.

– Milk Protein Concentrate: It contains almost all of the essential proteins which the body requires. Supply of all such essential proteins ensures that you achieve your target of muscle growth and improved bone health within a short time. It also arrests the breakdown of muscles.

– Calcium caseinate: It also helps in the fast repair of damaged muscles. As a result you will have the feelings of sore muscles even after prolonged training. This is a protein which is slowly digested by the body. It promotes quicker recovery after workout.

– Whey Protein Hydrolysate: The amino acid called Leucine is another essential amino acid which helps in the production of new muscles.

Steps in the absorption of the proteins of TriProtein

Step 1:This step is known as Rapid Absorption. Among all the proteins provided by the supplement the body first absorbs whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Thus the body gets its required support of amino acids for the repair of its muscles.

Step 2:This step is called Muscle Refueling. In the second step the proteins whey protein concentrate along with milk protein concentrate are absorbed. Some digestive enzymes also take part in this stage of the absorption process. The blending works efficiently in transferring the amino acids to the muscles thus producing muscle mass, repairing damaged muscles and ensuring faster recovery rate without causing any bloating or gas.

Step 3:Appetite Suppression. In this step the proteins named Micellar Casein and calcium caseinate are absorbed. These proteins are helpful in supplying these amino acids which builds muscles. The proteins also help in suppressing cravings for food.

Use Instruction

You have to take one scoop of the supplement powder and mix it in 16 oz of water. You can take the beverage of your choice and mix the powder to satiate your taste buds. It will give you a chocolate shake similar to a milkshake.

Buying options

You may buy the supplement TriProtein at the official website of crazy nutrition.

Crazy Nutrition offers other products too, like the best Creatine Monohydrate for Men CRN-5


Container with 33 servings $49.9

9Container with 66 servings $89.99

Container with 99 servings $119.99

The company gives a 60 day 100% refund policy. It means that in case the user is not satisfied with the product even after using the supplement for a period of 60 days along with proper healthy diet and workout, the company will refund the purchase cost. You have to return the used or unused container back to the company.

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#4. Naked Mass – 4th Choice for Skinny Men

Naked Mass weight gainer supplement for the skinny men is the fourth choice of our review team. The angle which has influenced this decision of the team is its high performing protein content aimed  at gaining weight and increasing muscle mass at a shortest possible time.

The supplement can be considered as the ultimate possible high yielding proteins for gaining mass containing among others naked casein protein, naked whey protein and organic equivalent of maltodextrin.

The manufacturer of the supplement has given special care to see that the proteins are absorbed at slow as well as fast pace. It also contains complex carbs.

The calorie content is 1250 calories while the protein content is a massive 50 grams in each serving.

Another attraction of the supplement is its absence of additives. The company’s policy of transparency without any attempt to befool its audience by publicity stunts has impressed our review team.

The core characteristics of the supplement Naked Mass are

– Its neat formula contains three powerful proteins namely whey protein, casein protein and organic alternative of maltodextrin

– The blending of the proteins has been designed in such a way so that the digestion of the same occurs in a phased manner. This ensures a sustained absorption and recovery process.

– The formula has also taken care to blend the carbs with proteins so that it ensures high muscle growth levels.

– The carbs included in the supplement are of complex nature and collected from natural sources.

– Absence of any artificial growth hormones

Use Instruction

Take four scoops of the supplement powder and mix it in 24 oz of milk. You can also take any beverage of your choice for mixing the powder.

The naked mass supplement is not flavored with deliberate intention so that you can mix with other beverages of your favorite flavor and enjoy the drink.

The best timings for the consumption of the supplement powder are between meals, after completing workout and during bedtime.

Price for one time buying $69.99


Question: Is the maltodextrin used in the supplement Naked Mass safe?

Answer: The users have apprehension regarding the inclusion of maltodextrin in the supplements because most of the manufacturers use maltodextrin which is derived from wheat. Many users find concern due to the gluten content in such maltodextrin.

To alleviate such concern of the customers the manufacturer of Naked Mas has decided to use maltodextrin which is derived from organic tapioca.

This maltodextrin used by the manufacturer for the Naked Mass supplement is free from gluten and hence there is no point of any scare in using the supplement.

The company also confirmed that they do not use pesticides during the growing of the tapioca.

Question: Is Naked Mass supplement can be used by teenagers safely?

Answer: Yes. The transparent policy of the company confirms that there are no hidden ingredients in the supplement.

The supplement only contains naked whey protein, naked casein protein and maltodextrin. So the tenagers need not to be scared and can safely use the supplement daily.

Question: who can consume the supplement?

Answer: The supplement is suitable for all the persons who want to increase weight or those persons who want to increase their muscle mass.

It can also be consumed safely by the persons who are not interested in going to gym or who are not in any resistance training. The only point of caution is for those customers who are having allergies with dairy products or who are having issues with lactose.

For such persons the Manufacturer has provided one Vegan Naked Mass. You will get all the essential amino acids as well as other nutrients in this product. They can take the help of the supplement.

#5. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

This is another ultimate weight gainer supplement for skinny men. This supplement is our fourth top rated weight gainer. It will provide 1250 calories with 50 grams of high powered protein with every two scoops dose of the supplement.

In addition to 50 grams of protein the supplement also includes 252 to 254 grams of carbs per two scoops serving and 33 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving.

25 grams of vitamins along with other essential minerals per serving make the supplement a wholesome dietary supplement which helps remarkably in your weight gaining and muscle mass increasing target.

The 1250 calories per serving of the supplement Serious Mass is mainly derived from the serious proteins included in the supplement.

These proteins are whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and egg albumin.

Major portion of the carbohydrate of the supplement comes in the form of maltodextrin.

More types of protein in the supplement is a better choice due to the deferred absorption of the different types of proteins by the body. Thus the effects of the supplement continue throughout the day.

In addition to above creatine monohydrate, choline, glutamine and inositol are also included in the formula to augment the beneficial effects of the supplement.

With the addition of essential vitamins and minerals the nutritional scheme has been made completely balanced for the weight gainers.

The flavor of the supplement is chocolate. The mix will have a thick texture.

Use Instructions

Take two scoops of the supplement powder and mix it into 24 oz of cold milk or cold water. Blend the mix by using an electric blender to get a smoothie.

You can add more calorie enriched foods like fruit or peanut butter if you so desire.

Those who are going to start the supplement are advised to start it with half a serving ie. one scoop of the supplement. They may gradually increase the dose to two servings allowing the body to tolerate it.

The supplement can be taken between meals or after workout. This will be a healthy addition to your normal diet making it more balanced complete with carbs and vital proteins.

#6. Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer – Best Vegan Mass Gainer

Our sixth and final choice of mass gainer for skinny men falls on Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer. One of the main criteria for the selection of the supplement is its vegan stamp.

We have consciously kept this supplement keeping in mind the necessities of many vegan users of weight gainer supplements.

Being vegan does not mean that the supplement is less effective. It is equally powerful and has potent ingredients which can give you results quickly and efficiently.

The supplement contains 30 grams of vegan-protein as well as 40 grams of complex-carbohydrates in each serving. In addition to these core constituents the supplement is also enriched with nutrients and additives.

This vegan mass gainer supplement is the result of years of intense research as well as continuous developments. The review team considers this vegan supplement as the best among all the vegan mass gainer supplements available in the world of vegan supplements for gaining mass.

The formula for the supplement includes all essential protein, carbohydrates as well as calories which are needed to give you desired results.

The supplement formula has been kept free from not only animal products but also from other allergic ingredients like gluten and soya.

This gluten free, soy free and animal product free weight gainer supplement contains 5 types of proteins to meet all your requirements of proteins. They call it V+ protein blend.

The source of the complex carbohydrate included in the formula is ultra fine oats. Digestive enzymes are also added to aid in digestion and avoid the problems of gas and bloating.

V+ Plant Based Protein Blend

Each serving of the supplement which you will consume will have 30 grams of the protein blend which is a proprietary blend of the company.

The sources of each protein of the protein blend are

– Super Pea protein Isolate

– Brown Rice protein

– Pumpkin Protein

– Flaxseed Powder

– Quinoa Flour

Ultra Fine Gluten Free Oats

Oats is a complex carbohydrate which is easily digested and slowly absorbed by the body. Its fiber content is also a useful element for the system.


This ingredient is a medium chain triglycerides. The source of goMCD are coconut and acacia gum.

DigeZyme digestive enzyme

This is a blend of five enzymes cellulase, lactase, lipase, amylase and protease. The enzyme blend helps in digestion breaking the protein, carbs, fat and cellulose included in the supplement so that the ingredients are easily absorbed giving quicker results.

Who can use the Vegan Weight Gainer supplement

The vegan weight gainer supplement has been formulated mainly for vegan users who want to avoid animal products in their diets.

But that does not mean that the others cannot use the supplement. There are people who want to cut down their intake of animal proteins.

For such people this vegan supplement may be the ideal choice which they can consume without requiring any alterations in their training program.

They get rich and effective protein blends sourced from various sources, low GI complex carbs and immense calorie content suitable for gaining mass.

The benefits of the weight gainer supplement for skinny men, Vegan Mass gainer

– Completely vegan friendly

– Effective in bulking with 350 kcal per serving of 100 gram

– Protein-packed with 30 grams of protein blends

– Energy booster with 40 grams of complex carbs per serving

– Flexibility in timing, can take any time of the day irrespective of whatever workout regime you follow

Price 33.74 pounds

The definition of under weight – Are you a Skinny Guy?

The medical scientists have a reference point for declaring someone underweight or overweight or even obese. This benchmark is BMI or body mass index. BMI is calculated on the basis of weight and height.

Nowadays scales are available on the internet where you can get your BMI by entering the weight and height figures in the units as asked for.

Persons with BMI less than 18.5 are defined as underweight.

Persons with BMI more than 25 and less than 30 are called to be overweight.

Persons with BMI more than 330 are obese.

But the problem with this mode of BMI calculation which does not take muscle mass into account is that it may not be fair for all persons.

Many people are there who are quite healthy though apparently they look very skinny and with BMI below 18.5. With this one may surmise that being underweight does not mean that you are unhealthy.

But the experts say that being underweight is more dangerous compared to being overweight. Some study has confirmed that the underweight men are 140% more susceptible to early death compared to the overweight men.

If you are underweight, your immune functions may get impaired putting you in a riskier zone of infections. The other problems which the underweight people may face are osteoporosis and problems of fertility.

With aging the underweight people are susceptible to sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the syndrome due to which the aged people start losing their muscle mass.

The underweight people have a greater risk of dementia during aging.

Causes of underweight

1. Insufficient diet

2. Eating disorder ( sort of mental problem)

3. Thyroid issues

4. Cοeliac disease

5. Diabetes

6. Cancer

7. Infection

Before starting a weight gainer supplement it is advised to consult your doctor to rule out any issues.

Ways to gain naturally – How Weight Gainer Supplemnets Can Help?

The principles of gaining weight are

Try one of the Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys to help you gain mass

Consume more calories than your body is able to burn. So the way to gain weight is to consume a lot of calories. The people who want to go slow may consume 300 to 500 more calories than your body burns. For faster gain in weight you have to consume 700 to 1000 calories more than you burn. You may get hints of the calories in your food from calorie charts. But gradually you will develop intuition and will not need not to refer to the charts.

Eating plenty of protein. Gaining weight does not mean that you gain fat and become flabby. The aim should be to gain lean muscle mass. For this your protein intake has to be high. Also for skinny men who want to gain muscle mass, protein intake is very important. For weight gain you have to consume 1.5 grams to 2.2 grams of protein per Kg of your weight. People with higher calorie intake may plan more intake of protein. You may get high protein from foods such as meat, eggs, fish, dairies, legumes, nuts etc. Whey protein is also a rich source of protein which is a high quality protein for muscle growth.

Carbs, fats and eating thrice a day. For filling up the gap you have to consume enough carbohydrates and fats.

In a nutshell the mantra of gaining weight quickly is to consume a balanced diet which includes protein, carbs, fats. Take three meals a day. Have energy rich snacks wherever possible.

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