Brains and Brawn: Smart Fitness Equipment for the New Year

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Brains and Brawn: Smart Fitness Equipment for the New Year

Innovations range from a rower that plays to your inner gamer to a boxing system that will burn calories and stress

We know: This is the year you’re finally going to get serious about that New Year’s fitness resolution. But 2022 is throwing you a different set of challenges.

Since many of us have given up gym memberships and social fitnessing, we have to rely on at-home exercise options, along with outdoor activities to keep in shape. Luckily, there are more smart devices than ever to help make fitness fun and effective. Here’s our selection of the best smart-fitness options for 2022:

Tempo Studio Pro

A constellation of 3-D sensors inside this handsome reflective unit tracks your movements. You get instant feedback on your form, which can lead to more effective—and safer—workouts. The Tempo looks like a giant tablet, and its compact design stores weights underneath its rectangular mirror/monitor. Studio Pro, the fully loaded model, includes a folding squat rack, weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and even a workout mat. Since Tempo Studio is a freestanding device, you don’t have to drill holes to set it up. A $39 monthly membership buys access to trainers and live classes. If you’re looking for a budget option, Tempo just announced a package that includes a smaller selection of weights and connects to your television through Tempo’s iPhone app.

Tempo Studio Pro is available for $3,495

FightCamp Personal

After a year like this, sometimes you just feel like punching something. FightCamp lets you channel that energy into high-intensity workouts that offer a break from the clip-clop of running or tedium of lifting weights. The equipment includes a stand-up punching bag, gloves, Punch Trackers show you real-time progress and stats, on any iOS and Android device. Through its app, FightCamp’s trackers also calculate output using a proprietary algorithm to combine intensity, speed and technique. You can choose fights based on your boxing skills and fitness level. If you’re type-A, check the app’s Leaderboard to see how your score stacks up against others in our growing community. Compete against yourself, “or fight your way to the top,” FightCamp exhorts.

FightCamp Personal is available for $1219

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0

Don’t call this one a dumbbell. JAXJOX KettlebellConnect is a smart kettlebell that monitors your performance and links to trainer-led workouts. Sleek and compact, it also offers adjustable weight levels in a single piece of equipment; its “bullet stacking” system features a rotating weight-selection core, which lets you quickly amp up from 12 to 42 pounds with push of a button. Sync the kettlebell to the JAXJOX App to track reps, volume, sets, average power and workout duration. For on-demand workout classes and personalized Fitness IQ tracking, there’s a premium app offering that’ll cost you $12.99 per month after a 30-day free trial.

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0 is available for $249.

Suunto 9 Peak

With a titanium bezel and granite-blue silicone strap, this fiercely powerful multisport GPS watch looks as good as it works, which is saying a lot. It’s the thinnest, smallest and toughest watch yet from Suunto, whose timepieces are prized by performance athletes and weekend warriors alike. Among the Peak’s new features for 2022: Viewing your hiking or running routes in 3-D using Suunto’s app; controlling in-ear music with Suunto’s wrist controls; and a “Burner” feature that tracks how fast you’re burning fat and carbs while exercising. Exceptional battery life takes you to 25 hours in GPS mode, 14 days in time mode. Bonus: The Peak is waterproof to 100 meters.

Suunto 9 Peak is available for $699.

Aviron Tough Series Rower

Row, row, row your boat… into killer shape this year. Among smart rowing machines, Aviron’s unique selling proposition is boredom-busting games and competitions on its 22-inch touchscreen. One of them, Row Breaker, takes inspiration from Atari’s classic 1970s “Breakout” game, using rowing to power superhero-type tasks—or a racing game where your strokes power cars. Coached programs and virtual rowing setups, like visuals of open seas, also help keep workouts from sinking into workout ennui. Bonus: The Bluetooth-enabled Tough is built for a 507-pound weight limit, and its 16 levels of resistance climb to 100 pounds max.

Aviron Tough is available for $2,499.

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