Carolyn Murphy Uses Moon Juice Supplements for Hair Loss

Jennifer E. Engen

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Watching celebrities’ social media accounts for beauty tips isn’t always exciting, but it’s often worth it — especially when supermodels share how they handle hair loss. Model Carolyn Murphy took to Instagram recently to reveal that — like Alyssa Milano and many others — she’s experiencing hair loss after having COVID-19. Her solution? A “triple threat treatment” that consists of supplements and a serum. 

“Post-COVID hair loss is real,” Murphy told her 517,000 Instagram followers last week, alongside a photo of the Agent Nateur’s Holi(locks) Strengthening Hair Serum, the Holi(mane) Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement, and the Moon Juice SuperHair Dietary Supplement. It’s an expensive regimen: The Agent Nateur hair serum goes for $88, the Holi(mane) supplements for $98, and the Moon Juice supplements for $60. But considering Murphy’s profession, we can’t fault her for investing — especially with the latter’s glowing reviews at Nordstrom. 

“After three months of continuous use, my hair has stopped falling and there’s a lot of new growth,” wrote a Nordstrom reviewer who was dealing with pandemic-induced stress and anxiety. After four months of use, another shopper dubbed the vitamins “life changers,” since they’ve seen less hair loss in the shower and on their comb. And per a third person with a balding spot near their hairline, “religiously” sticking with the pills for two months gave them the regrowth they were hoping for. 

With the addition of the Agent Nateur supplement, it seems like Murphy is covering all her bases. The hair-, skin-, and nail-targeting powder features marine collagen and pearl powder; per the brand, pearl powder is “the richest source of calcium on the planet,” and its high magnesium content might promote less oxidative stress (which leads to premature aging). 

A 2021 review of pearl powder in the peer-reviewed journal Materials concurred: The ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antioxidant, and its fibroblast stimulation increased collagen production in lab studies. But, there aren’t many user reviews for the Agent Nateur supplement or hair serum, which calls on green tea, horsetail, peptides, and clover flower to inhibit the DHT hormone that can contribute to shedding.

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