Dull Hair: What It Is & How to Fix It

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Even if your cut, color, and style are totally on point, dull hair can ruin it all. Dull hair takes away from your look and downgrades your mane. To find out how to fix and recognize this hair concern, we reached out to Leyla Milani, CEO and co-founder of HAIRtamin, who has some of the shiniest, most reflective tresses we’ve seen.

“No matter the texture or color, anyone’s hair can catch a case of ‘the dulls,’” explains Leyla. “Without the right care, your hair can go from brilliant to blah quicker than you think,” she shares. Here are some common signs to look out for that indicate your hair has lost some of its radiance. Also, some tips on what you can do to revive dull hair, and ways to avoid a mundane mane in the future.

What Is Dull Hair?

The first step to tackling dull hair is realizing you’re a victim of it. Leyla breaks down the telltale signs of dull hair, which are more common than you think.

Lack of Movement

Healthy hair generally has mobility and flexibility. So, if your hair seems stiff in areas where it would normally swish or bounce, then that means it’s lost some of its vitality.

Tangles Easily

When the surface of your strands are rough, they can grab onto each other more. This is what causes tangling and can indicate that your hair has gotten a bit shabby.


We all get that occasional wild strand that cannot be tamed. But if you’ve got a whole flock of flyaways, then there’s a problem. Your strands have lost some of their structure and are now blowing like leaves in the wind!

Lack of Shine

A classic sign of dull hair, a lack of shine hints to us that the scales on the shaft of your hair are not smooth. This makes your hair look lifeless, and lacking dimension.

What Causes Dull Hair?

According to Leyla, there are a few things that bring on lackluster locks including “sun exposure, heat styling, chemicals (like chlorine or hair dye), hard water, using the wrong products for your hair type/needs, and a lack of proper nutrition.”

How to Fix Dull Hair

“There are a few ways to rescue your hair,” Leyla reassures us. “Nourishing and hydrating your current hair is important, but also taking measures to prevent future dullness is key.”

“Our skin is the largest organ of our body and our scalp is made of skin that helps grow and maintain hair. To help breathe new life into lackluster locks, potent topical solutions like our all-new HAIRtamin Scalp Serum along with our Biotin & Botanicals-Infused Shampoo & Conditioner are key. Together, they work to gently cleanse, nourish, and improve dry, itchy scalps and hair to encourage healthy growth and improve elasticity, shine, and strength. Our Scalp Serum is formulated with a patented natural growth complex that helps improve scalp micro circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair for optimal growth,” she says.

But how do we avoid repeating this bleak situation in the future? “For this, we have to look within by giving our body the nutrients it needs to grow stronger, more brilliant, bouncy hair to begin with. That starts from within. The truth is, most of us aren’t getting enough or the right nutrients our body needs and that’s where supplementation becomes key. But not all supplements are created equal and thanks to lack of regulation in the supplement industry, many brands fall short of their promise.”

However, Leyla notes her brand’s best-selling HAIRtamin Advanced Formula and Gummy Stars are thoughtfully formulated with up to 22 clean, clinically-studied, bioavailable ingredients that actually get used and absorbed by the body to help hair follicles grow hair faster and build each strand stronger. “This makes your hair better able to stand up to the dullness-creating elements and maintain its structure and shine. Think of it as investing in your future hair’s vitality from the inside out.”

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

“While topical products can show faster improvements in our current hair, ultimately growing out newer, healthier hair will take a little longer. With a supplement regimen, significant improvements in hair shine, strength, and growth can be seen in three to six months with regular use. Many report seeing improved results even sooner than that,” notes Leyla.

“We believe in a whole-body inner/outer approach to hair wellness. Our products are formulated for all hair types and textures and work synergistically with each other. They help with many other hair ailments, such as hair loss, breakage, slow growth, thinning, and dry/brittle hair. These hair problems are not life sentences, and we can do something about them. HAIRtamin is here to be your hair ally,” Leyla adds.

Revive dull hair with an infared sauna, HERE.

Have Dull Hair? Here’s How to Fix It

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