Dwayne Johnson Slays Instagram With Rippling Back Muscles In Gym Pic

Jennifer E. Engen

Actor Dwayne Johnson knows a thing or two about hitting the gym… hard.

Although he’s been in great shape throughout his life, the “Red Notice” actor has been sharing more and more workout tips with his fans lately and they can’t get enough of The Rock’s daily dose of motivation from the Iron Paradise.

Dwayne Johnson Teaches The ‘Art Of Disruption’ In The Iron Paradise

On Thursday night, the “Jungle Cruise” actor teased “the Art of Disruption” and showed off the photo that was the result of some “Late night back training in the #ironparadise where the midnight sun always burns 😊💪🏾”

“Out of my 24hrs a day, I always try and allocate 2hrs for my training. (physical + mental),” he explained. “These two hours are for me. Only me.”

Instagram / therock

“I can disengage and disconnect with the world,” he went on. “Anchor & recenter myself. Then push thru pain barriers, disrupt and have an amazing workout. Your anchor doesn’t need to be as intense as the gym.”

“But the philosophy here is finding your anchor and protecting it. Allocate an hour or two during your day to recenter yourself,” he advised. “Easier said than done, I get it. We’re all busy. I’m the busiest man on the planet, if I can carve time – so can you.”

Dwayne Johnson
Instagram / therock

“The daily discipline and consistency here is what creates the mentality that will impact all areas of your life,” he continued. “Find and protect your anchor. Then disrupt. Then crush your cheat meals 🥰 #artofdisruption”

This isn’t the only hardcore workout photo that The Rock has posted to his Instagram page. Late last month, he showed off his bulging quadriceps in another workout video where he broke down his extensive leg day training regimen for his followers.

Dwayne Johnson Breaks Down His Brutal Leg Day Exercise Regimen

It seems that Johnson may be taking some time to rest his legs from his truly brutal leg day workout that he shared on Instagram a little over a week ago.

“Absolutely brutal leg training today but, always grateful to put the work in and do my best to raise my personal bar,” he wrote alongside a series of snaps of his equipment.

Dwayne Johnson 1
Instagram / therock

“You’ll see the weight I use is never an insanely heavy amount,” he explained. “Tons of guys who are WAY stronger than I am, but because of all my injuries (5 knee surgeries, ruptured Achilles, torn quadricep off my pelvis, torn abdomen wall, complete shoulder reconstruction etc) I’ve learned it’s not much weight we use, but rather the quality of reps and mind/muscle connection that matters most.”

“Today’s training sesh consisted of a 25-30 min warm up – core work, foam roller, stretching and then quad, hams & glute activation – leg extensions, leg curls, glute abductions and single leg glute drivers,” he explained.

“Then GIANT sets begin,” he went on, explaining that he does four to five sets of four to five exercises per set, ranging in reps from fifteen to twenty. He revealed that he does not allow any time for rest between exercises.

Dwayne Johnson 2
Instagram / therock

“Slow, intense, controlled reps with multi second negatives – increasing weight every set,” he went on. “Single leg reps to double leg and moving foot positions and stance to hit all angles and muscles effectively.”

“To close it out I’ll finish with walking chain lunges (120 lbs) to failure and superset with Romanian deadlifts,” he continued. “Slow and super controlled on the deadlifts with a 1 second pause at the bottom.”

“Leg training complete,” he wrote. “Brutal.”

He continued, “Truth is, over the years, I’ve actually learned to train HARDER. But, in order to train harder, I had to learn how to train SMARTER. That’s a key to fitness success.”

Dwayne Johnson
Instagram / therock

“Hardest workers in the room, win the race,” he wrote. “Smartest workers in the room, win the journey.”

“You guys keep getting’ after your health & fitness goals – and I always got your back,” he said. “It’s cheat meal time!!!!” He also gave a shotout to his strength and condition coach Dave Rienzi for “always seeing the big picture, health & fitness journey.”

Dwayne Johnson Slays Instagram With Rippling Back Muscles In Sweaty Gym Pic

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