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Jennifer E. Engen

Meows! Purrs! National Cat Health Month brings humans’ attention to their cat’s health, physical and mental, well-being. I think staff, er humans, should spoil their cats as best as pawssible. After all, when you get to live with the bestest pets ever, cats-of course, you must spoil. No questions asked.

HISS! The past two weeks, we pawed impawtant articles about pet health. The first article brings attention to the importance of taking care of your pet’s dental health. Like humans, cats and dogs need routine dental care to prevent health problems. The second article is about the impawtance of spaying/neutering your pets for their health. Paws, pawlease read these at These two articles bring attention to impawtant health concerns that are key to your cat’s overall health and happiness as well as that of their staff, er humans. 

Paws, HISS! HISS! While I don’t like this subject either, it is too is pawfully impawtant, not to mention. Regular visits to a veterinarian for wellness exams may deter future medical issues, even saving your cat’s life. Meows, when my staff, er humans, were considering adopting me, they took me to Noah’s veterinarian for a cat exam which provided an overall opinion of my well-being. After my staff, er humans, adopted me, they maintained regular wellness exams with the veterinarian. Routine exams and visits are based on a cat’s age and health. Meows. Even indoor cats need vaccinated against diseases.

Meows, I am a house cat. I rule the pawlace. The staff, er humans – I need to quit saying that, do as they are told. Pawingly, I don’t go outside, and pawretty much never go near the doors to escape. That is not for the likes of this kingly cat. I have it good here; why would I change it? I might get me a new staff member, er human, if Dad doesn’t do better. Meows, if you allow your cat outside, or if there is a pawssibility they could escape out the door, pawlease consider microchipping and pawlacing an ID collar with your contact information around the neck. If your cat escapes, purrs, the collar or microchip will help humans identify it and pawssibly return to you. 

Purrs, as pawrt of celebrating your incredibly pawsome cat, take a close look at their diet. Is your furry feline friend overweight? Are they eating the right food based on their age? Should their food servings be adjusted? Are you giving little fluff-fluff too many treats? Meowingly, like with my staff, er humans, a good diet keeps us healthy and enjoying life. If we are overweight, it can lead to other problems too.

Purringly, when I moved into my new home, I had my staff, er humans, go ahead of me to search for any toxic items in the house which could be an issue. This includes indoor plants, household cleaners, loose objects, and the list could go on. Pawlease research about it and go through your home. Though my staff, er humans, did this years ago and are careful not to bring toxic items in the house, it’s a good idea to occasionally review your home for things that could harm your cat.    

Paws, some days I just want my staff, er humans, to leave me alone. The guy comes into my room where I am happily stretched out across the bed, sometimes in direct sunlight, which is the most pawsome moment of the morning, and wants to pawlay. Really? HISS! If I feel like it, I will pawlay since he has this really cool wand toy. I jump. I chase. I realize how undignified this looks for a cat of my caliber and go back to napping. Purringly, taking the time to pawlay with your cat providing some exercise time helps keep them active and healthy. 

Most impawtantly, I love cuddle time. I love jumping up on warm laps, curling up, being petted, and having my chin and neck scratched. Of course, I cannot let the staff, er humans, know I enjoy their menial company for too long. Some humans think cats are solitary creatures, that’s not entirely true as many cats love the attention and lovin’s they get from their staff, er humans maybe? Meows!!

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