How I grow my pecs with an exercise Arnold Schwarzenegger said helped him build his enormous chest muscles

It says a lot about how well Arnold Schwarzenegger looked in his peak that even now, 50 years later, we keep going back to analyse how he trained and built muscle (I sure do). His pecs were particularly ginormous and according to Arnie himself, there was one exercise he preferred doing to make them looks so broad. The same pecs exercise I simply can’t stop doing myself (although my chest is nearly not as big as his).

Before we go any further it’s worth noting that Arnie was a professional bodybuilder and worked out intensely almost every day. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint to Mass workout plan involves doing countless reps of heavy exercises that include his famous Arnold press, as well as the pecs exercise we’ll discuss today. Don’t expect breastplate-like pecs after one workout.