How old is Hasbulla? Growth hormone deficiency lifespan explored as first interview wins over the internet

Jennifer E. Engen

Hasbulla Magomedov won the internet following his first interview with Barstool Sports’ Caleb Pressley. The internet sensation was filmed in Dubai for the journalist’s Sundae Conversation series, where the two spoke about everything from cars to his greatest weakness.

The 19-year-old was interviewed for the first time, but that did not leave the Dagestani filled with nerves, who appeared as confident as ever. During the interview, Hasbulla Magomedov shared his political ambitions of wanting to become the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Russian Republic. He said:

“First, I’ll find my haters and make them panic. I’ll slow down the speed limit within the city, but increase it on the highway. All the speed cameras are coming down.”

The “Mini Khabib” of the internet also showed his talents as a boxer. The viral icon was seen taking a pause during the interview before landing his fists on the interviewer.

What condition is Hasbulla suffering from?

The internet personality has become popular over the past few months. He had an online feud with Abdu Rozik from Tajikistan, which has garnered massive attention online. During his interview with Barstool Sports, he revealed that he is interested in fighting the fellow influencer.

He shared:

“How about this? Put us in a room, shut the door and one man will come out. And the other can stay slumped on the floor.”

Dr. Karan Raj explained on TikTok that Hasbulla suffers from a rare genetic condition called Growth Hormone Deficiency. This condition occurs when the brain’s pituitary gland, which produces most of the body’s hormones, does not do so.

Hence, the condition is also called dwarfism or pituitary dwarfism.

Studies have shown that those suffering from the condition can have an unnatural life expectancy. Some may live as young as 41, or until they are nearly 81.

Children with GHD can receive Human Growth Hormone injections to encourage their bodies to grow longer and taller. The injections must be taken every day and the aftereffects can be observed three to four months later.

The adult’s onset of the condition can be treated with growth hormone replacement. A hormone called somatotropin can be used by those who fight the condition, and the artificial hormone can be administered by the patient themselves.

Though the condition can take a massive toll on everyday life and one’s mental health, Hasbullah has proven that nothing can stop him from reaching stardom. The social media personality has gained traction since uploading MMA content on TikTok. He now has a worldwide audience, which is proven by his Instagram follower count of two million netizens.

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