Going one step further – Enhancing your nursing career

Nurses frequently report feeling neglected or stunted in their professional development with services under stress, tighter budgets and a lack of resources. Yet, success in career development often depends on taking a proactive approach and putting yourself out there. This may appear intimidating initially, but we have some excellent advice […]

Calls overwhelm disability benefits call centers

Jennifer E. Engen

In summary Calls to California’s Employment Development Department disability insurance call centers surged to 12 times their normal volume in late 2021 and early 2022 as the department dealt with fraud. Many went unanswered, leaving some Californians in the lurch for months. Christina Cedillo has a sticky note on her […]

Education Spotlight: What is an IEP vs. a 504 Plan?

Jennifer E. Engen

If you have a student with unique learning needs or a learning disability, you’ve probably heard of the Individualized Education Plan, better known as the IEP, and the Section 504 plan. Both plans offer accommodations for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade and allow students with learning difficulties to receive […]

Hair Loss: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Jennifer E. Engen

Hair loss, known clinically as alopecia, thins hair in some, changes the hairline in others, and can lead to partial or total baldness. While it’s usually hereditary and a result of aging (androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness), it can also be the result of physical or emotional stress, a side […]