Primal Gains Reviews – Is Josh Byron Primal Gains Muscle Program Legit?

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The spread of awareness about obesity-related health risks and physical complications is accelerating, sending more people to the gym and searching for new methods to lose weight. The old-fashioned dieting and workout approaches to weight loss are becoming less viable in modern society because they allow for minimal leisure time.

Supplements are slowly becoming the preferable alternative, but a new solution is already out and taking over the supplements market.

The Primal Gains Program presents a fast, painless, and natural method of stimulating fat loss and muscle formation.

What is the Primal Gains Program?

Primal Gain is a digital guide that tells you how to “switch on” your anabolic adaptation found in your male DNA. The guide shows how to gain massive muscle formation every 14 days. Purportedly, in two weeks only, you can gain muscle that you would typically take months or even years to gain.

The manufacturer claims the trick is genetic-proof.

Who Founded Primal Gains?

According to its official site, the Primal Gains formula was founded by body-building scientists from Sweden’s eastern coast years ago.

However, the Primal Gains program was compiled by Josh Byron, a regular business person whose venture was inspired by his vulnerability to built-up men.

How does the Primal Gains program work?

The strategies inside the program are designed to reset your DNA adaptations to the modern lifestyle.

According to Oxford, Harvard, and other renowned universities, the human DNA adapts as the universe changes to survive. Destructive modern habits such as buying groceries from stores, sitting behind desks for prolonged hours, and using mobility devices to get around short distances have disoriented your DNA to condition the body into a comfortable, safe zone.

Primal Gains reset your DNA so that your body creates more muscle mass for survival like the early men who depended on hunting and gathering.

It also releases powerful anabolic hormones that complement a broader body with a sexually attractive scent.

What information can be acquired from Primal Gains?

The program enlightens you on critical lifestyle changes that help you to:

  • Stimulate your ancestral muscle building DNA.
  • Build a long-lasting physique.
  • Build muscles fast (in 2 weeks).
  • Inhibit obesity without restricting your diet.
  • Avoid disorienting your DNA.

You will also learn the 7 Diet and Training Hacks that project muscles and burns calories. They include:

  • Practical, painless exercises for increasing your testosterone and lean flesh are as effective as deadlifts, bench presses, and squats.
  • Increasing muscle growth by eating rather than working out.
  • Target your midsection for an athletic curvature.
  • Avoid diet-related complications such as bloating, heartburn, and indigestion.
  • Feeding routine for a ripped body.
  • Converting calories to muscle.
  • How to work out your muscle fibers around the body.

What are the Benefits of Primal Gains?

  • Increased confidence.
  • An attractive look.
  • Beat skinniness genetics.
  • Earn respect among other males.
  • It comes in digital format, which is delivered instantly.
  • Globally accessible through the official site.
  • Compatible with digital devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets.

What Guides are Included?

Primal Gains Anabolic Switch Manual

This is the primary guide for triggering your anabolic adaptation and increasing your muscle-building hormones.

Primal Gains Phase I – The Feast

The Feast teaches how to fuel your hormonal release and workout sessions with the best meals that convert to energy and a lean body mass.

Primal Gains Phase II – The Hunt

As the name implies, this guide aims at giving you a hunter’s physique. It promotes ripping and fast calorie burning in preparation for massive muscle gain.

Primal Gains Mass Workouts

Mass Workouts guides you on highly efficient workouts that are less demanding yet hit all the muscle fibers.

Primal Gains Cutting Workouts

The program’s final phase expands your muscles, bringing out the Alpha-male physique. The workouts are balanced between cardio and hit workouts to deepen your cuts by increasing muscle mass.

Does the Primal Gains program work?

Josh claims the program has worked for him, and thousands of other customers, but the Primal Gains program is not geared towards women. He is also dedicated to improving the product by requesting honest reviews from new customers.

According to the author, the program stimulates a puberty-like quick change that only takes two weeks to build muscles like someone who has been working out for years.

Purportedly, josh witnessed an increase of 8lbs and lost massive fat in two weeks. In 7 weeks, he gained 17lbs of lean weight and had less than 10% body fat. The program works faster when you reset your anabolic adaptation every two weeks.

How much is the Primal Gains program?

The Primal Gains digital program can be purchased for $27.00 on the official website. According to the brand, the guide is currently selling at a subsidized price as part of the ongoing customer survey that requires you to give feedback in return. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and customers who are not satisfied with the Primal Gains can send the company an email to:

The package also includes three free bonuses worth $60. They include:

Primal Gains Jumpstart

As the name suggests, this bonus helps you quickly get around the program to interpret the book better. The program would typically sell at $14.

Primal Gains Supplement Guide

This guide is a supplementation walkthrough that teaches you to choose supplements and strategize doses for faster muscle gain. It would be priced at a $17 post offer.

Primal Gains Recovery Guide

The Recovery Guide explains building dense, permanent muscles that last for years.

Finally, the company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to allow customers to try the program risk-free.

Primal Gains Summary

The Primal Gains program is a training and nutrition system by Josh Byron. The primary function is to teach users of the program how to reset their muscle-building DNA and quickly cut belly fat without using steroids within weeks of beginning the Primal Gains program.

To purchase the Primal Gains program, visit the official website.

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Primal Gains Reviews – Is Josh Byron Primal Gains Muscle Program Legit?

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