Province gives $800K for Sudbury critical care nurse trainees

Critical care nursing program offered by Laurentian University in partnership with HSN

Laurentian University, in partnership with Health Sciences North (HSN), has obtained one-time funding of up to $800,884 from the Ontario Ministry of Health to support the delivery of the Accelerated Critical Care Nursing Program. 

Funding of up to $59,418 in the 2021-2022 year and up to $741,466 in the 2022-2023 year, is expected. 

The university’s nursing and sciences infirmières programs have benefited from long-term affiliations with HSN. For more than 50 years, nursing students from both linguistic groups have successfully completed clinical placements at HSN. 

The two institutions have also consistently collaborated in research ventures that support the health of the Northern Ontario community. 

The hospital’s Critical Care program, along with many other areas, has been impacted by the pandemic and highlighted the need for a robust, sustainable nursing workforce. 

Critical care, along with other nursing care areas across Northern Ontario, is expecting additional vacancies as a significant percentage of the workforce will be eligible to retire over the next four years.

“This funding announcement that supports the Accelerated Critical Care Nursing Program will contribute substantially to bridging the theory to practice gap, will help further develop the critical care nursing workforce in Northern Ontario, as well as support retaining baccalaureate trained nurses in Sudbury,” said Céline Larivière, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Health at Laurentian University. 

“We look forward to continuing to foster an excellent working relationship with HSN and are thrilled that this funding will benefit health care students and workers, alongside all those who seek medical care in the North.”. 

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Laurentian University, and grateful for this critical funding,” said Julie Trpkovski, Vice President, Medicine and Chief Nursing Executive, Health Sciences North.

“This collaborative program will help us continue to accept patients and deliver critical services for our Northeastern community members here in Sudbury and across Northern Ontario.” Information about the program can be found on Laurentian’s website, here. The program is slated to begin this spring/summer 2022.

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