Sink Your Teeth Into Lenny Kravitz’s New Oral Care Brand, TWICE

Jennifer E. Engen

Let Lenny Kravitz change the way you smile. Today, the rock star’s new line of dental hygiene products hits stores and with the aim to disrupt and reimagine your daily brushing routine. 

The oral wellness brand, TWICE, wants you to think of mouth care the way you think of practicing self-care. It’s doing so with products that have been scientifically tested and proven to “balance the mouth’s microbiome to evoke positive energy” and give you the confidence to show off those pearly whites.

Co-founded by the Grammy award-winning music icon and oral care entrepreneurs and brothers Cody and Julian Levine, the three have set their sights on combating health disparities that directly impact marginalized communities and limit their access to proper dental care on a domestic and global scale.  

“I believe that oral wellness impacts not only our overall health and well-being, but how we show up in the world,” Kravitz shares. “We started TWICE in response to the disparaging state of dental care in the marginalized communities both domestically and abroad, which laid the foundation for a greater mission to spread love and the power of a smile to every single person on the planet.”

“TWICE is an essential part of balancing the mouth, body, and soul and the company provides free dentistry to people without access to care around the world,” he adds.

The brand’s venture into the oral care category is the result of three years of research and sourcing the expert insight of board dentists to modernize oral care through innovative, clean, plant-based ingredients with a stylish design.

The rollout of TWICE’s oral care products feature vibrant yellow hued packages to not only stand out in the toothpaste aisle but to also reflect the brightness the company says your smile is sure to have after using the products. 

The brand’s inaugural collection includes a rinse, toothpaste, whitening pen, floss and manual toothbrush made to be vegan, cruelty, sulfate, SLS, gluten, and artificial dye-free, containing no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavors. Prices range from $6.99 to $14.99 for the line of products.

If you’re ready to rethink your approach to oral care and connect your mouth to your body and soul (sounds deep, right?), pick up TWICE today at your local Target. 

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