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All the ice creams and cold drinks we get to enjoy during the hot weather is why we look forward to summer season despite the scorching heat. While your favourite cold drink could make you happy and energetic for a bit, they may also play havoc with your dental health. Here are a few tips on how to avoid common mistakes that could damage your teeth

Summer is a great season to take a break from your normal daily routine. One of the best health benefits of summer is that you get more of sunshine which means more of Vitamin D, which helps in building strong bones and teeth. It is very important to stand in sunshine for at least  five minutes in a day in morning. At present, summer is at its peak and we need to ensure that we take proper steps to maintain excellent oral hygiene.


Follow oral health care routine

Brushing teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste (or as advised by your dentist) for at least two minutes a day, keeps dental problems at bay

Always change your toothbrush after 3 months

It is also advised to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper, as tongue harbours harmful bacteria which leads to oral malodor

It is necessary to clean your toothbrush after one month by dipping the head of toothbrush in a cup of vinegar or povidone iodine mouthwash

keep your toothbrush upright so that it dries out easily



brushing, we often forget to clean the gaps between teeth, this can lead to dental decay. It can be prevented by using interproximal brushes or dental floss

Eat healthy, stay healthy

Ice creams and cold drinks are very tempting during summers and are unavoidable. It is advised to eat ice creams in moderation. Cold drinks should be taken using straws as it  avoids damage to teeth

It is advised not to brush teeth immediately after eating sugary food as it can lead to erosion of outer layer of teeth called enamel. It is better to wait for 30 minutes

Taking healthy diet in which seasonal fruits need are included such as    watermelon, muskmelon, lychee and cucumber. This increases the salivary flow and prevent food particles from sticking to teeth

Avoid chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. It not only damages oral cavity but our entire body

Fruits such as pineapple, guava and kiwi are rich source of vitamin C. They help in preventing bleeding of gums

It is very important for pregnant ladies to consume foods that are rich source of folic acid. It will help in preventing cleft lip and palate in infants. Rich source of folic acid includes eggs, grapes, tomatoes and lady finger

It is always advised to eat calcium-rich foods — milk, paneer, apricots, papaya — that helps in building strong teeth.


Stay hydrated

During summers, it is very necessary to keep our oral cavity moist. A moist mouth increases the flow of saliva and thus protecting our oral cavity from harmful microorganisms.

It is of paramount importance to drink water at regular intervals to prevent dehydration

It is also crucial to swish mouth with plain water after eating as it prevents food particles from sticking to teeth


Do not forget to gargle

It is all important to gargle with salt water twice a day. This not only promotes good gum health but also prevents infections such as COVID


isit your dentist at regular intervals

During summers, frequently visiting your dentist is the key for sparkling and healthy smile

Summer vacations provide an idle time for students to resolve their dental issues. Students can easily schedule an appointment with their dentists without fear of missing school classes

Our oral health is a gateway to overall health, your dentist will help in diagnosing your underlying health issues and will help you connect to the concerned medical specialty

Avoid chewing ice

Chewing ice is seen as one of the best ways to cool down and get hydrated in summers, but it can lead to chipping of tooth. Instead of chewing ice, drink a glass of cold water


Protection of lips

Sun rays not only harm our skin but also our lips. To protect lips, it is advised to apply lip balms containing SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to your lips before going out in sun


Use mouthguards

If your kids love sports like hockey, basketball, football, etc, it is always advised to wear mouthguards (delivered by the  dentist)

Mouthguards are also essential for those who have a habit of clenching teeth or night grinding


Summer vacations

Summer vacations are a great time to plan family trips. During summer vacations, it is better not to neglect your and your loved one’s oral hygiene.

Keep these things in mind during a trip:

Carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, tongue scraper and mouthwash (if prescribed by your dentist)

Do not share your oral hygiene kit with others as it can lead to transfer of harmful microorganisms

Schedule your and your loved one’s dental appointment before planning a trip

As we all know that COVID is not over yet, it is better to disinfect your hands before and after brushing teeth

Follow your regular oral health care routine

Eat teeth-friendly food

We need to ensure that our toothbrushes dry after brushing teeth (because moist toothbrushes lead to germ growth)

Choose a toothbrush holder that has holes so that toothbrushes dry out easily

It is very important to schedule a dental appointment even after your trip is over

Keep scissors and knife to tear off packets. Do not use teeth as tools to tear packets as it can lead to tooth erosion

In case if you feel teeth sensitivity or tooth pain during your trip, it is better to visit a local dentist

Dr Riya Gupta, Dental Surgeon

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