The Best Vintage Fashion on Instagram

Jennifer E. Engen

While seasonal trends may come and go, a great vintage piece will always be in fashion. It’s no surprise that secondhand sites and vintage boutiques have flourished, particularly amid rising awareness of the impact fast fashion has on the environment coupled with an oversaturated (and overwhelming) retail market. And while these two factors undoubtedly contribute to my love of vintage, one of the best highs you can get from scoring a great find is knowing that no one else will have anything quite like it. You can guarantee no one will know who makes your dress at that spring wedding you have coming up, and you certainly won’t be unwillingly admitted into a round of who-wore-it-best.

There’s little I love more than spending a day at a favorite vintage boutique, from sifting through the racks for treasures to trying on something completely out of the ordinary. Even the way-too-small dress is forgiven because it is just so pretty to look at. But on the days I need a quick fix for my vintage obsession, I head to the one platform I know will never disappoint: Instagram.

Much like the vintage furniture market, Instagram has become a haven for vintage fashion. I’ve scored everything from a vintage Dries Van Noten jacket to the perfect pair of Levi’s 501s (a huge risk, but it paid off) from some of my favorite vintage accounts on the platform. Whether you’re in need of the perfect dress for a special occasion or just a new top to wear to your next dinner out, you can guarantee you’ll find something just right on any of the accounts below.

I first heard about Happy Isles from a friend who was a bride-to-be, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it offers a whole lot more than an incredible selection of vintage bridalwear. This is my go-to for a luxe event when I want to find something just right that I know will still be unique.

Souvenir Vintage first came on my radar from an equally unhealthy habit of vintage shopping on Etsy. I was thrilled to find they had an Instagram account, where they regularly post new finds that you can shop in the app. Based in Paris, I’d like to think that purchases from Souvenir contribute to my everlasting pursuit of mastering French girl style, but the pieces are still whimsical and fun.

Think of this as the creme de la creme of vintage curation. Not only does Shrimpton Couture include iconic visuals of the original pieces (runway images and red carpet moments, to name a few), but they’re so beautiful, you’ll be planning your social calendar around them rather than the other way around. Even if you’re not in the market for a gown, this account is worth a follow for the fashion history alone.

Desert Vintage describes their curation as “clothing of significance,” and they’re not wrong. They carry beautifully-constructed pieces that somehow only carry the best qualities of a vintage piece, retaining a modern and fresh feel. Their feed is also beautifully curated, and the great styling and photography will tip the scales if you aren’t sold on a piece already.

Seven Wonders has a dreamy store in Brooklyn, but if you can’t make it to shop IRL, don’t fret—their Instagram is stocked with equally impressive gems you can buy right on the platform. From statement outerwear to a new pair of cowboy boots, they have a little something for everyone and source from more than 15 different vendors to deliver only the best.

It’s actually hard to believe Jerome Vintage is actually vintage due to their highly-stylized feed and aesthetic. They carry classic pieces that usually have a subtle yet funky twist. Phoebe Philo fans beware—you’ll want every piece they carry, but there’s most definitely only one of each.

Elia Vintage is definitely on the trendier end, mainly specializing in solid yet bold-colored pieces that easily could have come straight out of Hailey Bieber’s closet. Find everything from an oversized blazer to a corset top or that perfect mini dress for your next night out.

Deux Birds has a retro vibe, with sweater vests and cardigans galore. They somehow make all of this look extremely cool and extremely wearable, and pieces are easy to shop with their straightforward photography and styling. If you’re looking to add a few solid staples into your ready-to-wear wardrobe, look no further.

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