The Dental Experience’s Dr. Mario Garita Presents His Guide to Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

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One of Costa Rica’s premier cosmetic dentists shares his best tips for travelers looking to save money by traveling to Costa Rica for dental care

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Dr. Mario Garita of the Dental Experience shares his expert advice for dental tourism trips to Costa Rica. When it comes to dental tourism, Costa Rica has established itself as one of the best places for high-quality and affordable dental implants abroad. And, Dr. Mario Garita, dentist and founder of The Dental Experience clinic in San José, Costa Rica, has worked with thousands of international patients to ensure that the experience is positive.

Dental tourism has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals in the United States and other countries who need reliable dental care with a more affordable price tag. Major benefits of dental travel include low costs for highly qualified and guaranteed treatment, especially for those without dental insurance. Even with the cost of travel and hotel, getting dental implants overseas—or any other pricey procedure—usually still ends up costing significantly less than getting it done at home.

For those traveling to Costa Rica for dental tourism, Dr. Garita has a few tips to share to make sure that everything goes smoothly:

  • Work with the dental clinic to book accommodations – Staff at clinics like The Dental Experience are available to help patients with all details related to their trip, as well as to answer any questions during bookings.
  • Stay nearby – Pick a convenient hotel that fits within a budget and travel preferences. Choices in San José include the Marriott Residence Inn, Hotel Intercontinental, Hotel Costa Verde Inn, and Holiday Inn Escazu.
  • Know the costs – Work with a clinic ambassador ahead of visiting to get a complete breakdown of costs. The average cost of dental implants in Costa Rica is between $900 and $1,525, versus $2,250+ for the same procedure in America.
  • Make the most of the trip – Enjoy time in Costa Rica by taking part in fun activities like beaches, tours, and museum trips. There will be plenty of time before and after the procedure(s) to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Dr. Mario Garita’s dental tourism experience is here to help with organizing top-tier dental care in Costa Rica, with specialties that include crowns, bridges, implantsAll-on-4, and veneers. Interested persons may visit The Dental Experience website to learn more, and to receive additional information on free shuttles from Juan Santamaría International Airport and guidance on hotels—many of which offer special rates for The Dental Experience visitors.

About Mario Garita Dental Clinic

Mario Garita’s The Dental Experience clinic, located in San José, Costa Rica, is one of Costa Rica’s leading dental tourism facilities, offering travelers world-class dental care at affordable rates. Services include implants, All-on-4, veneers, complex mouth restorations, fillings, Invisalign, cleanings, whitening, and more.

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The Dental Experience’s Dr. Mario Garita Presents His Guide to Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

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