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What is the training program of the greatest QB in the NFL, Tom Brady? You would think that Tom’s training program is extensive and hard-hitting. But, in fact, it is not. I am not saying it is easy, just not what you think. Instead, he uses only resistance bands and focuses on strength and conditioning.

His training program concentrates on flexibility and pliability- which means easy to bend and stretch. Pliability maximizes speed, range of motion, mobility, and prevents injury. Yes, strength training does the same, but there are a few differences, and you have to look at your position in sport differently.

QB’s do not need the same training program as a lineman or even a wide receiver. If the quarterback is always getting sacked well, fire the defense first. Strength training promotes muscle strength-building. It creates muscular density, and Tom sees density as the enemy.

Resistance bands promote muscle speed, power, mobility, and explosiveness, and keeps them supple and pliable without muscular density. This is one of Tom Brady’s primary reasons for using resistance bands. And secondly, he trains muscles that accelerate and decelerate, also known as agonist and antagonist training.

Resistance bands get the job done when it comes to running, decelerating, and throwing using specific quarterback movements, whereas dumbbells and bars can’t. They can, but you will get a subpar result from the exercise due to a weaker line of force. For example, a resistance band pulling you forward is much better to train deceleration rather than holding two dumbbells at your side.

And so, it is for these reasons Brady prefers resistance band training over regular weight training- to maintain his speed, agility, core stability, and decrease the risk of injury.

TB12 Workout

Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero perform a 9-exercise routine. This training routine aims to build strength, speed, and conditioning.

Here are some tips and training tips from the TB12 workout:

  • First, focus on the ground force to move- planting your feet and pushing the ground.
  • Develop strength and conditioning do high-intensity training with resistance bands.
  • When muscles are near or exhausted, stop.

The Training Program

Tom does two warm-ups.

  1. He prepares his body by using his TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller
  2. He attaches two resistance bands in an “X” formation over the shoulders and torso and runs in place

Resistance Band Routine

His resistance band routine focuses on moving fast and on strength and conditioning. Perform 1 set of 15 reps. Repeat for a second time.

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1. Banded Standing Row

2. Banded Push-Up

3. Banded Oblique Rotations

4. Deadlift

5. Bicep Curl

6. Banded Triceps Extension

7. Deceleration Lunges

8. Banded Shoulder Press

9. X-Band Squat


Tom returns to his TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller to recover.

Resistance bands are great to use for general strength or as a part of your speed, agility, and explosive training program. They create resistance and force from multiple and specific directions. If you have just three resistance bands, one light, medium, and heavy, it is enough for a great workout!

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Tom Brady’s Workout Routine

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