Versed’s $15 Body Mist Makes Getting Rid of Body Acne Quick & Easy

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If you’ve ever had acne on your back (a.k.a. bacne), you know the struggle of trying to bend over backwards just to scrub some body wash in hard-to-reach spots. In comes Versed Skincare’s Back-Up Plan Acne-Control Body Mist, here to make your life so much easier and your skin so much clearer.

When we think of ingredients that aid with acne, salicylic acid, tea tree oil and witch hazel quickly come to mind. You’ve certainly seen them separately in acne spot treatments, toners and other skincare products for your face. Now, it’s time to try them all blended together in a single formula for your body. They collectively battle bacteria, control excess oil, soothe inflammation and reduce redness. And the results are almost too good to be true for a little spray bottle of product.

The best part is that while, yes, you can spritz this mist all over your bacne, that’s not the only place you can spray it. Chest—check. Neck—check. Shoulders—check. Everywhere else on your body that’s from the chin down—check, check and check. It’s the easiest thing to mist the superfine formula wherever needs attention, especially if you’re getting ready in a rush. 

“How is this LEGAL?! I spent YEARS trying to find something that would clear up my painful, cystic bacne,” wrote one shopper who gave it five stars. “This cleared it up in a matter of just a few weeks!! I use this after I shower. It’s so easy to apply, absorbs fast, and has no strong smell. I haven’t had a painful cystic breakout in months.” 

Yes, this acne-fighting body mist is all of the above, and soon, you, too, won’t need anything but this $15 spray.

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Photo: Versed Skincare.

Let’s take a closer look at the anti-acne ingredients in this mist. First up, the powerhouse beta hydroxy acid (BHA), salicylic acid. It’s one of the most popular acne-fighting ingredients you can use thanks to its ability to help unclog pores. Tea tree oil, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient, calms skin and reduces redness, both of which are key to caring for your body acne. And witch hazel, an astringent, sweeps away excess oil and dead skin cells.

After all that, you might be wondering if this body mist leaves your skin dry and stripped. The answer is a decisive no, because the formula also makes sure to include moisturizing elements, like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and panthenol.

To apply, keep the bottle a foot and a half away from your body. Check that your skin is clean and dry before spraying. Once it’s on, allow your skin to absorb the tiny droplets for 30 to 60 seconds before getting dressed (although the brand assures us it doesn’t stain clothes). It’s also safe to spritz in the morning, at night or both of those time slots. 

Versed couldn’t make it easier for you and your body acne. The 360-degree nozzle also lets you spray from any direction, so you don’t have to twist and turn just to aim at your target. 

“This is super gentle but extremely effective,” wrote one shopper. “The spray works at any angle you hold the bottle, which is so smart and practical. I can’t find anything as good to replace it.”

“I was already using a tea tree and witch hazel spray, but it did not have salicylic acid and didn’t do much,” wrote another shopper. “This is very light and much easier to reach my back, plus it can be held upside down, which is useful. It surprisingly cleared up my body acne right away.”

We’re sure you never thought you could get rid of your stubborn body acne for $15, but the ingredients and the reviews are proof enough that this acne-control mist is the real deal.

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Shoppers Say This Body Mist Works Like ‘Witchcraft’ For Stubborn Bacne & Clears It Up Instantly

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