Vida Glow Supplements For Hair Loss: How Effective Are They?

Jennifer E. Engen

“Genetics, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or menopause, nutritional deficiencies, stress or trauma and medical conditions can be reasons for hair loss,” explains Dewsbury, who also points out that hair styling and colouring play a role in hair thinning, hair loss and dullness. Thanks to the pandemic, stress could be a contributor to your lacklustre hair. The reason is that when we’re feeling overwhelmed, our body produces cortisol. This stress hormone motivates us out of sticky situations (the fight-or-flight scenario), but works against us in hair growth. Experts say cortisol prevents the regeneration of hair follicle stem cells, which means poor growth and hair thinning over time.

Then there is diet. Late-night Uber Eats orders might be fun, but overdo it and the habit could lead to a deficiency in micronutrients, forcing the body to prioritise: organs get first dibs, while hair moves to the back of the line. “Good-quality nutrition is extremely important for hair health,” says Dewsbury. “If hair follicles don’t have the building blocks they need, growth will be impaired, hair can start to thin and overall hair condition can decline.” To get what it really needs to look its best,
hair needs a good supply of zinc, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, iron, iodine and selenium.

“These vitamins and minerals are vital for the normal growth and function of our cells,” says Dewsbury. “As hair follicles are some of the fastest growing cells in the body, they need a good supply of nutrients. A diet rich in nutrients means hair gets its fair share – and it is possible to get enough from diet alone.”

Vida Glow

“Unfortunately, many of us aren’t eating a high-quality diet that supplies us with the nutrients we need for optimal health,” she explains. “Vegans and vegetarians may also struggle to get some of these vitamins and minerals through their diet.” Enter supplements. Leading collagen supplement brand Vida Glow has been coming to the rescue of our complexion, nails and mane with high-quality, bioavailable marine collagen since 2014. And while all of Vida Glow’s collagen offerings benefit hair, the brand is putting our locks first with a new supplement called Hairology designed specially for our tresses.

“Hair loss can have a big emotional impact,” says Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow. “We developed Hairology as a hair-specific formula to help renew confidence and rebuild your relationship with your hair.” The once-a-day capsulated formula targets thinning, lacklustre hair. Dosing the body with micronutrients such as biotin, selenium and zinc, the supplement is said to reduce hair shedding and loss, support growth and rejuvenate hair follicles. The result after 28 days is longer, thicker locks.

vida glow

The proof is in the research. Hair loss reduced by more than a third after a month of treatment, while it jumped to 37 per cent after two months. More than two thirds found their hair condition had improved.“Hairology is for anyone who is looking to target hair loss or thinning hair caused by stress, vitamin deficiencies or a poor diet,” says Dewsbury, who points out that those of us who are wedded to our hair dye and heat styling tools should also get on board. “[It’ll help] people looking to repair weak, lacklustre hair damaged by excessive heat use and colour treatments. And those looking for thicker, stronger, longer hair.”

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