Worried About Your Kids Oral Hygiene? Nmami Agarwal Has The Right Solution For You

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Oral hygiene and health is as important as any other aspect of health

Oral health is as important as any other aspect of health and it’s better to know that right from childhood. If you don’t follow proper oral hygiene, you may end up having cavities, gum diseases and other dental issues. Talking about kids, they don’t really realise the importance of oral healthcare but it’s the duty of the parents to take care of their children and make sure that they develop good habits. But how to do it? For this, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shares four simple yet effective tips if you are worried about your child’s oral health.    

Nmami Agarwal shared the following four simple steps:

1) Good hygiene practises

Encourage your children to follow good hygiene practices. Tell them to brush properly and not only in the front but also at the back. Advise them to brush for 2-3 minutes. Make sure the kids brush twice a day including morning and before sleeping.

2) Be a good role model

Remember, children follow their parents. So, it’s your duty to be a good role model. Through your actions, you can show them and tell them the importance of oral hygiene practices. If you follow good oral hygiene, your child is automatically going to follow the same.

3) Visit a dentist

It is advisable to visit a dentist, once a year, to avoid any sort of oral problems. It could be cavities or gum disease, you never know.

4) Avoid sugary food

It is good to stay away from sugary food items, juices or candies especially the sticky and the gummy candies. This is because they stick to the enamel and then lead to a cavity. Just in case, if your kids are still having those kinds of food items, then make sure they rinse the mouth thoroughly. The same goes for liquid-sweetened medicines as well.

So, follow these 4 simple steps for a bright and cavity-free smile on your child’s face, added Nmami Agarwal.

Take a look:

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal often talks about various health-related topics and provides effective tips. 

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